Emperor Ing, The Great and Terrible (Projected)

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Emperor Ing, The Great and Terrible (Projected)


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Name: Emperor Ing

Somewhat uniquely, this encounter is based not on a memory of an existing encounter the Dimensional Warriors have had with an entity, but rather off of Mephis's memories of the Ing overlord to allow them to prepare. As such, the normal rules to the Room/Holodeck are somewhat altered here:

- Status Effects which add or subtract to/from a roll will work
- Status Effects which drain health over time will work
- Status Effects which fully disable, stun or otherwise impede the bosses ability to act will not work (IE: Shock, Stop, Petrify, etc)
- Status effects which instantly kill also do not work
- Normal limits for the ROFM (party size, No Contest) are removed for this encounter.

- Bio-Etheric and Keyblades deal double damage. Weak against Holy in phase 1 and 2 (200% damage).
- Non-Magical equipment (or weapons without aura) deal no damage

- Any attack the Emperor makes that beats a target roll by more than 40 knocks the character into the Phazon exterior, dealing 4000 damage and increasing their phazon status effect by one severity. A character who reaches 'corruption' (Terminal Phazon) is considered out of the fight, as the arena is not capable of rendering it. Delay poison, when cast on a person, doubles resistance to Phazon (two rounds of exposure to increase the severity as opposed to one)

This encounter is provided for the Dimensional Warriors to develop a strategy against the Emperor, although the real encounter may vary...

30 xp (1st run)
3 Units Garnet (2nd run)
Nedian Sigil: Part of a deeper universal mystery... (Extreme Challenge)

Description: The Ing Emperor is a truly terrible being, the largest and most powerful of all Ing. It is unchallenged in it's dominance over the race, and has been for nearly 10,000 years. It rests upon the Central Hive of Dark Aether, in the shadowy mirror of the Luminoth Citadel, commanding all Ing activities. It's appearance varies upon it's form, however its massive size make it a frightening foe to behold.

Weapon of Choice: Varies

Do not reveal the spoiler for a form until you reach it. You have been warned. Since italics alone apparently don't draw enough attention.

Form 1
Overseer Form - The Throne of Judgement

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqDH8bPtWMQ
Description: As you enter the darkened domed chamber of the citadel core, the entire floor sits in darkness save for an outer ring of blue phazon that climbs the walls and part of the sanctum floor like crystal vine growth. Purple light pours in from the thundering sky over your head via shattered skylights. The shadow begins to rise from the ground, a monolithic orb shaped creature of black scale that rises out of the ground on a throne of tendrils. At the center of the mass sits a signature Ing eye of bright orange approaching white, the master of the Ing race stands before you prepared to do battle. From the mass emerge four massive tendrils, each lined with radiant crystal spikes near the tip.

Tendril: 100,000 (x4) (If all four tendrils are destroyed, automatically triggers Move #6)
Emperor Ing Core: 1,500,000
MP: Infinite
Physical Soak: 7,000
Mental Soak: 5,000

Dodge Roll: 1d200+95

Attack Behavior:

1: Energy Sphere Bombardment: 1d5 unsoakable energy bombs are hurled from the tils of the tendrils, a strobing orange pulse that explodes in a powerful cascade of energy. 1d300+145, 5000 per hit, Unblockable/Unsoakable
2, 3: Tendril Slam: The Emperor brings his massive tendrils down into the ground, trying to strike an individual target. 1d250+120, 10,000 per hit, 1d4 hits.
4,5: Portal Strike: The Emperor opens portals around the party, through which the tips of his tendrils emerge attempting to stab individuals. Target is rolled randomly. 1d400+195, 7500 per hit.
6: Expose Core: For the next 1d3 rounds, the Emperors Core is exposed to attack, though it is protected by rotating energy hemispheres that alternate their rotation, giving it a dodge of 1d300+145 (this roll is not impacted by debuffs). During this phase, it's only attack is:

Core Laser: A powerful non-elemental surge of energy that strikes the ground as a searing ray. Deals 15,000 damage, and although it is soakable, it ignores barriers and forcefields. 1d350+170 Unblockable

After the rounds pass, all four tendrils are revived at full health.
Form 2
Chrysalid Form
Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d5pRyQp7BA
Description: Once the Emperor has taken sufficient damage, a heavy black scale shield appears over it's ordinary form, sealing the core from further attack. It is wounded enough to seek refuge from the world, though the battle is by no means over. The moment it retreats into the cocoon, a powerful miasma floods the chamber in the form of a purple gas. This miasma is a powerful defense gas and inflicts Terminal Poison (Virus) and Moderate Pain (Agony) every time a character enters it, this bypasses any form of resistance or environmental protection. It is possible to escape the gas by climbing the Ing Emperor itself, however doing so restricts your ability to dodge to your 'Climb' skill. Characters may move up to 2 'heights' in any given round. Flying is also possible.

Every round, the gas will change to rise or fall between one of four heights, 1d2 = fall/rise..

Height 1: The gas covers the floor of the chamber and the lower part of the Emperors Body. Any characters on the floor are affected.

Height 2: The gas covers the lower part of the Emperors body, protecting the lowest four eyelets. Any form of melee attack to eyelets 9-12 will expose a character to the miasma.

Height 3: The gas covers the middle part of the Emperors body, protecting the middle four eyelets and down. Any form of melee attack to eyelets 5-12 will expose a character to the miasma.

Height 4: The gas covers the upper part of the Emperors body, protecting all of the eyelets. Any form of melee attack will expose a character to the miasma.

Height 5: The top of the spherical emperors body is consistently above the miasma. It is a safe zone as the miasma will never reach here.


Eyelets: 100,000 x 12

MP: Infinite
Physical Soak: 0
Mental Soak: 0

Dodge Roll: 1d250+120

Attack Behavior:

1: Summon Inglet - 1d4 Inglets emerges from one of the 12 eyelets. Every round, it will attempt to hunt down and attack a character. An Inglet rolls 1d200+95 (+5 for every Inglet out on the field) to attack with an orange energy beam, and any hit knocks a character to the floor of the chamber regardless of whether they were flying or climbing. An Inglet rolls a 1d180+85 defense, and only requires one hit with a magical/aura weapon to be destroyed.
2: Tendril Sweep - Any character who attacked an eyelet in melee during the last round must dodge vs a 1d250+120 or risk being hit by a tendril. A hit deals 5,000 damage, as well as knocking anyone hit to the floor.
Form 3
Overlord Form - The Emperor
Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH_28Rjt3VE
Description: The Emperor has taken critical damage! It's Chrysalid form has broken, causing it and the 'throne' to melt into the floor to reveal it's true form, that of a colossal Warrior Ing larger than most 'mecha'. With it's core exposed, the Emperor has gone into a berserk rage, intent upon fighting to the death. It's enormous form towers over the party, heavily armored scales and long mane of tendrils flowing down it's back. On it's head, it bears three large black horns, the crown of the Ing. It's heart, which resides inside a mouth shielded by strands of black flesh, is again it's only weakness, and is ordinarily out of range of melee attack except after a bull charge. The Emperor begins in element 9 (see below). Make no mistake, this is the Emperors last stand, and it intends to crush any and all resistance to its reign, and victory here marks the end of the 10,000 year scourge of the Ing Horde.

HP: 4,000,000
MP: Infinite
Physical Soak: 15,000
Mental Soak: 10,000

Dodge Roll: 1d400+195

Attack Behavior:

1, 2, 3: Bull Rush: The Emperor lowers his head down and attempts to gore into up to 3 party members. 1d300+145, deals 20,000 damage and knocks a target into the phazon ring (regardless of the roll difference). Exposes the heart for the remainder of the round. Unblockable
4, 5: Elemental Beam: The Emperor opens its mouth, exposing the core before unleashing a cascade of potent energy of that element. 1d400+195, deals 15,000 damage of whatever Element the Emperor is set to. The core remains exposed for 3 rounds. This attack is unaffected by debuffs, and triggers a status effect in accordance with the table in Move 6. Unblockable
6: Rotate Element. Roll 1d10. The emperor is now:

1: Fire Element, Weak to Water - Causes Moderate Burning (Burning 2)
2: Water Element, Weak to Fire - Causes Moderate Freeze (Freeze 2)
3: Earth Element, Weak to Air - Causes Moderate Infested (Mushroom)
4: Air Element, Weak to Earth - Causes Moderate Knockback (Into Phazon Ring)
5: Shadow Element, Weak to Light - Causes Moderate Blind (Darkness)
6: Light Element, Weak to Shadow - Causes Moderate Melt (Melt)
7: Force Element, Weak to Time - Causes Moderate Feeble (Vit 1/2)
8: Time Element, Weak to Force - Causes Moderate Slow (Rolls -40)
9: Darkness Element, Immune to all Elemental damage - No added status effect
10: Holy Element, Weak to Darkness - Causes Mild Petrify (slow petrify)

7: Portal Blitz: The emperor opens 1d8 mini portals and attacks with miniature lasers out of each. 1d350+170, 3000 unsoakable damage per laser. Unblockable
8: Shockwave: The emperor rears up onto it's hind legs before slamming down to the ground, sending huge purple energy shockwaves out. 1d250+120, threatens all party members. Deals 10,000 damage and knocks back into the Phazon Ring regardless of roll difference. Unblockable
9: Slide Trample: The Emperor charges across the room at full speed, flaying its legs out in blind rage trying to pin its opponents into the phazon wall. 1d500+245. Deals 5000 damage and knocks back into the phazon ring regardless of roll difference. The Emperor is stunned for 2 rounds afterwards, and it's heart is exposed to melee attack. Unblockable
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