Yellow Chocobo (Ivalice)

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Yellow Chocobo (Ivalice)


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While it certainly doesn't qualify as "gear," members of the Dimensional Warriors can purchase yellow chocobos in Ivalice for use throughout their travels. These loyal, if skittish, birds are excellent traversing creatures and beasts of burden.

Yellow chocobos are "standard fare" for chocobos in Ivalice; while there are many other colors of feather out there, the yellow is the most common by leaps and bounds.

Chocobos may be purchased in Rabanastre, Archades, and Balfonheim by Hurdy, Gurdy, and Wurdy -- for 20,000 gil. Their statistics are assigned according to the Monster Training system and can be improved as such. For more information on that, click here.

Name: Yellow Chocobo

Description: A towering yellow-feathered bird with large, thickly-covered legs and feet terminating in long talons excellent for grasping the ground, along with a long, pointed beak best suited for vegetation. The most common form of chocobo is treated as a beast of burden, a form of transportation, and can be trained for mounted combat.

Weapon of Choice:
Beak - +120, 1 target, 1d3 hits (5000 physical, non-elemental damage)

HP: 16,000 (+0%)
MP: 3000 (+0%)
Dodge: +120 (+0%)
Physical Soak: 2500 (+0%)
Magical Soak: 2500 (+0%)
Element: N/A

Attack Behavior: (2/8 Abilities)
Attack - Use Weapon of Choice against one target.
Wark! - Charge at a group of enemies, wings open, to mow them over. 3 targets, 1 hit, use Weapon of Choice to-hit and damage.
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