Metal Slime

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Metal Slime


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Effective November 26, 2018.

Anytime a hunting party is at a hunting ground and encounters a group of monsters, the party leader rolls luck.

If this luck roll is at least 901, one Metal Slime will appear among the enemy party.

Name: Metal Slime

Flee: Athletics DC 0

[1-100]The Metal Slime laughs and runs off.

Regardless of what is rolled, each party member gains 10 XP for slaying the Metal Slime. This XP can only be acquired once per week.
1-50: 1 nugget of ore. Roll 1d5. 1=Amber, 2=Garnet, 3=Jasper, 4=Pyrite, 5=Kunzite
51-95: 1 nugget of ore. Roll 1d5. 1=Ruby, 2=Jadeite, 3=Cardinal, 4=Celestial Phazon, 5=Alabaster
96-100: 1 Metal Slime Helm

Metal Slime Helm
Price: 500,000 gil
Dex Stat +200
Physical Soak +1000
Magical Soak +1000

Description: Out of the thicket comes a small, greyish blob with a pair of googly eyes and smiling lips, gliding over the ground with incredible speed, the grin never leaving its expression. Aww, isn't it cute?


Initiative: 1d1000
HP: 10
Dodge: 1d600+295
Physical Soak: When you hit the Metal Slime with a physical attack, roll luck. On 501+, you deal 1 damage. On 500 or lower, you deal 0 damage. This must be done for every hit if a combo strike is used, and is affected by the critical damage modifier where applicable. Unsoakable damage is still affected in this manner. The luck roll is unnecessary for critical hits.
Magical Soak: Metal Slime is immune to magic spells & effects.

Metal Slime is immune to status ailments.

Attack Behavior(1d4)
1-2: Flee
3: Attack(1d600+295, one target, 7500 physical damage)
4: Firaga(1d550+270, one target, 15000 fire damage)
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