Side XP(NeXT)

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Side XP(NeXT)


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In the interest of further character development, characters can now earn XP through additional means such as hunting grounds, crafting, covert operations, combat tournaments, and racing circuits. The total XP a character can earn from these per month is limited by the following chart.

If you have:

1000-2000 XP: Limit is 25
2001-3000 xp: Limit is 15
3001+ xp: Limit is 5

Covert Operations

These are effective per week.

First op complete: 0 xp
Second op complete: 1 xp
Third op complete: 2 xp
Fourth op complete: 3 xp
Operation Complete: 4 xp

(This gives a potential of 10 xp per week.)

Racing Circuits

This is based on your total result for the week.

Honorable Mention: 0 xp
Bronze Cup: 1 xp
Silver Cup: 2 xp
Gold Cup: 3 xp
Platinum Cup: 4 xp

(You can get 10 xp max from this per week.)

Combat Tournaments

These are effective per week.

Qualifying Win: 0 xp
Bronze Bracket Win: 1 xp
Silver Bracket Win: 2 xp
Gold Bracket Win: 3 xp
Champion Win: 4 xp

(This gives a potential of 10 xp per week.)


For characters more artisanally oriented, you can craft to gain xp. For every 250 DC you fulfill on a project, whether it's crafting or research, you gain 1 xp. If you are receiving any assistance on this project, the DC number increases by 150 for every character assisting on the project, and is effective across all characters on the project(for example, if Max, Kuja, and Edgar are all on a project, they all gain 1 xp for every 550 DC fulfilled).

Hunting Grounds

These will be listed as they are made available.
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