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Ahkeem Tinsave


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<<> Player Info <>>
IRC Nick: Oceanblaze
Real Name (Optional): Ahmad
Time Zone: GMT -6

<<> Character Info <>>
Name: Ahkeem
Race: Human
Sheet Approved by: (leave blank)
Credits: 36,500,920 (Locked until further notice)
Gil: 9,156,946
Crowns: 12,073,600
Zollar: 2,820,260
<<> Base Statistic modifiers <>>
<<> Traits and Feats <>>
-= Traits =-
Points: 0.5/18

* Quick Reactions (2 pts) - This character benefits from a +10 bonus when rolling flat-footed or against Reaction checks.

* Eternal Hope (2.5 pts) - Once per mission, when this character rolls a super-botch (bottom 1% of roll value), this character may roll a second time, but must accept the outcome of that second result.

* Cornered Fury (2 pts) - When this character is alone in an initiative battle, roll one step higher on attack, defense, magic, and magic defense checks.

* Arcane Focus (3 pts) - This character benefits from a +10 bonus when making a magic defense check.

* Deep Magic (2 pts) - This character benefits from a +10 bonus when casting dispel effects against a target object or creature.

* Confidence (1 pts) - Your character exudes confidence. Gain a +5 to diplomacy and intimidation checks, and a +5 to your characters main skill (chosen by gm).

* Unusual Eyes (-1.5 pts) - Your eyes give you away. Something about your eyes is inhuman, they may be cat, demonic, fae, cetran, or other, but your eyes will give away your nature to anyone who looks at you close enough. Players must actively note this in conversation or interaction with a character.

* Astral Beacon (-2 pts) - This character's spiritual presence, even if not manifested as magical power, makes it very apparent to magical, spiritual, psionic, astral, etc. detection. this character rolls a step lower on Stealth checks if another creature or object is using spiritual means of detecting this character.

* Ambidextrous (2.5 pts) - This character halves penalties incurred from Dual Wielding.

* Natural Charmer (2 pts) - In certain cases (GM determination), this character may "take 10" while performing Speechcraft checks.

* Black Cat (2 pts) - Once per encounter, this character may expend 5 Luck Points and force an attacker to re-roll its attack. This must be declared before the character makes its defense roll, and the attacking target must use the second result.

* Curiosity (2 pts) - This character gains a +10 bonus when making Gather Information checks.

-= Character Classes =-
-= Feats =- (* denotes feats taken at character creation.)
(* denotes feats taken at character creation.)
*Feat 1(200XP) -
*Feat 2(400XP) -
*Feat 3(600XP) -
*Feat 4(800XP) -
*Feat 5(1000XP) -
Feat 6(1200XP) -
Feat 7(1400XP) -
Feat 8(1600XP) -
Feat 9(1800XP) -
Feat 10(2000XP) -
Feat 11(2200XP) -
Feat 12(2400XP) -
Feat 13(2600XP) -
Feat 14(2800XP) -
Feat 15(3000XP) -
Feat 16(3200XP) -
Feat 17(3400XP) -
Feat 18(3600XP) -
Feat 19(3800XP) -
Feat 20(4000XP) -
Experience Total:
Skill Points Total:
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Resistance: +%
Endure: +%
Improved Survival: +
( )  Health: [] | Bonus: +50
HP: ((health * 50) + Milestones) | Armor: (health + Milestones) | Physical Soak: (health + Milestones + traits)
Magical Soak: (health + Milestones + traits) | Status Resistance: (See Milestones) | Death Threshold: (Milestones)
Endure: (Milestones) | Survival Result Bonus: (Milestones)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Resistance: +%
Endure: +%
Improved Survival: +
(50, 100, 150, 200 exp) Improved Resistance: +5% (x4)
(250, 300, 350, 400, 450 exp) Endure: +1% (x5)
(500 exp) Improved Survival: +10 (x1)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Melee: +
Improved Magic: +
(PC)  Awareness: [] | Bonus: +50
Initiative: 1d500 | Base Attack Bonus: | Perception Bonus:
Melee: (See Milestones) | Ranged: (See Milestones) | Magic: (See Milestones)
True Sight: (See Milestones) | Combat Reflexes: (See Milestones) | Sneak Attack Negation: (See Milestones)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Melee: +
Improved Magic: +
(50, 150, 250, 350, 400 exp) Improved Melee: +5 (x5)
(100, 200, 300, 450, 500 exp) Improved Magic: +5 (x5)
Pinpoint Spellcasting
Description: There's a force in the universe that makes things happen. For the arcanist, that thing is you, growing in tune with the environment and its inner workings, striking the foe with precision spells.
Effect: On a magical or psionic attack, you may spend 5 LP prior to rolling, allowing you to roll your attack twice and take the higher of the two rolls. This must be declared before attacking, and cannot be used after the attack roll is made.
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Block: +
Improved Dodge: +
Improved Reaction: +
( )  Dexterity: [] | Bonus: +45
Full Dodge: ((dexterity / 10) + See Milestones) | Flat-foot Dodge: ((dexterity / 10) + See Milestones) | Block Bonus: (See Milestones)
Dodge Bonus: (See Milestones) | Agility Bonus: (See Milestones) | Flat-foot/reaction Bonus: (See Milestones)
Style Points: (dexterity * 5)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Block: +
Improved Dodge: +
Improved Reaction: +
(50, 200, 350 exp) Improved Block: +5 (x3)
(100, 250, 400 exp) Improved Dodge: +5 (x3)
(150, 300, 450 exp) Improved Reaction: +5 (x3)
Milestone Derivatives:
( )  Strength: [] | Bonus: +30
Base Physical Damage: (strength * 2) + Milestones | Inventory Size: (strength / 10) + Milestones | Momentum: (See Milestones)
Item Effect: (See Milestones) | Pierce: (See Milestones) | Brace: (See Milestones)
Milestone Derivatives:
(50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 exp) Juggernaut: -100 (x6)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Magic Damage: +
Improved Crafting: +
Improved MP: +
Improved Magic Defense: +
(PC)  Spirit: [] | Bonus: +50
Base Magical Damage: (500 * 2) + 1000 | Spell Points: (spirit * 5) + Milestones | MP: (spirit * 10) + Milestones
Magic Defense: (See Milestones) | Item Defense: (See Milestones) | Crafting: (See Milestones)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Magic Damage: +
Improved Crafting: +
Improved MP: +
Improved Magic Defense: +
(50, 150, 300, 500 exp) Improved Magic Damage: +250 (x4)
(100, 350 exp) Improved Crafting: +5 (x2)
(200, 400 exp) Improved MP: +200 (x2)
(250, 450 exp) Improved Magic Defense: +5 (x2)
Ease of Efficiency
Description: You are very good at making use of the time you have, and your work ethic gives you a refreshing boost of energy upon completion of a project.
Effect: When completing an Artisan or Repair check, the 'overflow' past the DC can be immediately passed on to another project, whether new or in progress. If use of this feat completes the project that inherits this overflow, it will NOT trigger again however.
Milestone Derivatives:
Draw!: +%
Critical Defense:
( )  Luck: [] | Bonus: +41
Luck Points: | Critical Damage: (See Milestones) | Luck roll result: (See Milestones)
Draw chance: (See Milestones) | Critical Defense: (See Milestones) | Draw defense: (See Milestones)
Milestone Derivatives:
Draw!: +%
Critical Defense:
(50, 100, 150, 200, 250 exp) Draw!: +2% (x5)
(300, 350, 400 exp) Critical Defense: -500 (x3)

0: Untrained | 1: Hobbyist | 2: Novice/Beginner | 3: Dedicated Student | 4: Educated/Trained | 5: Professional | 6: Advanced | 7: Specialist | 8: Expert | 9: Adept/Prodigy | 10: Master

Bonuses: Dexterity: +, Full Dodge: +, Flat-foot Dodge: +, Agility Bonus: + | Strength: +, Momentum: +
General - Athletics
    Name: Dodge Leap
    Cost: 60
    Required Skill Level: 4
    Untrained: No
    Type: Enabler
    Effect: Use an athletic maneuver -- a dash, a skid, a slide, a jump -- to evade an incoming melee, projectile, or ranged attack. This can also be used to avoid environmental hazards or magic attacks. A successful check with this Advanced Skill allows the character to fully avoid an attack, while a failed check with this Advanced Skill allows the character to reduce incoming damage by 10%. This can stack with other Brace-enhancing feats, traits, or primary characteristics, up to a maximum of 50%. This maneuver can only be used once a round.
General - Acrobatics
    Name: Dodge Roll
    Cost: 60
    Required Skill Level: 4
    Untrained: No
    Type: Enabler
    Effect: Perform a tumbling maneuver to evade an incoming melee, projectile, or ranged attack. This can also be used to avoid environmental hazards or magic attacks. An Acrobatics check with this Advanced Skill prevents this character from being the target of that attacker’s next immediate attack. This does not apply in one-on-one combat or against area-of-effect attacks that include the character, and can only apply to the most recent attacker.
General - Swimming
Bonuses: Health: + | Awareness: +, Perception Bonus: +, True Sight: +
General - Gather Info
    Name: Intelligence Web Search
    Cost: 30
    Required Skill Level: 3
    Untrained: Yes; sources’ DCs to reveal information are substantially higher due to lack of trust.
    Type: Enabler
    Effect: Use “inside sources” in a particular group or organization to learn about a particular subject. This information may be skewed or incomplete due to the group or organization’s knowledge or standing of the subject matter. This skill is enhanced when a character has traits improving its Ties to the entity, but it is not required.
    Name: Observe & Report
    Cost: 30
    Required Skill Level: 3
    Untrained: Yes; results are based on a Luck roll and entities will become aware of the character inquiring about the subject matter.
    Type: Enabler
    Effect: This character’s trained in reading the ambiance and environment of an area, whether it’s eavesdropping, people-watching, or holding small talk with people within a particular area. A check using this Advanced Skill allows the character to inquire or learn about a particular subject in such a way that it doesn’t draw attention to them; however, depending on the engaged group or the location, results will vary.
    Name: Local Sources
    Cost: 30
    Required Skill Level: 3
    Untrained: Yes; results are based on a Luck roll.
    Type: Enabler
    Effect: This character’s learned how to peruse an area’s media to learn about a particular subject. This can include anything from town criers to social media to visual broadcasts, as well as less reputable sources of information, with no interpersonal interaction. A check with this Advanced Skill can yield both public knowledge and speculation, the accuracy of which can be determined with the result. The effect of this skill will vary depending on how free information flows in a particular area.
    Name: Procedural Research
    Cost: 60
    Required Skill Level: 4
    Untrained: Yes; results are based on a Luck roll.
    Type: Enabler
    Effect: Using a source of reference material (a library, an archive, etc.), dutifully research a subject in a neutral and objective fashion. Since these reference materials are usually dated, they can provide context about a particular subject, but may not yield results that are current. A check with this Advanced Skill can yield fact-based information about a particular subject, which may not reflect certain viewpoints or timely changes.
General - Concentration
    Name: Spiritual Ward
    Cost: 15
    Required Skill Level: 2
    Untrained: No
    Type: Enabler
    Effect: Allows for the user to defend against magical and psionic attacks directed against it. Using Concentration as the base skill, add Spirit bonus and any other skill or magic defense roll bonuses. This is not affected by bonuses that enhance a user’s casting skill.
    Name: Counterspell/Feedback
    Cost: 30
    Required Skill Level: 3
    Untrained: No
    Type: Enabler
    Effect: When declared, on a successful Ward, the user may immediately counterattack with a single, non-elemental burst of energy at the caster equal to a spell of the user’s Concentration level (i.e. at Level 2 Concentration, will deal spirit-based damage equivalent to a Level 2 general magic spell or telekinetic attack). This cannot be used in conjunction with an Elemental Ward, a Status Ward, or a Warding Field.
General - Perception
Bonuses: Awareness: +, Base Attack Bonus: +, Melee: +, Ranged: +, Combat Reflexes: +, Sneak Attack Negation: + | Dexterity: +, Flat-foot/reaction Bonus: +
Weapon Proficiency - Staves / Swallows
    Name: Staff Flip
    Cost: 55
    Required Skill Level: 4
    Untrained: No
    Type: Action
    Effect: By utilizing both ends of a staff, the user is able to strike twice with each end. Roll 2d2 for strikes.
    Name: Improved Staff Flip
    Cost: 115
    Required Skill Level: 6
    Untrained: No
    Prerequisites: Staff Flip
    Type: Action
    Effect: By actually using their body as a fulcrum and striking quickly with both ends of the staff, a talented staff wielder can crack both ends of the weapon three times against a single target. Roll a 2d3 for hits.
Bonuses: Spirit: +, Magic Defense: + | Awareness: +, Magic: +
Magic - Summoning
    Name: Creation Summoning
    Cost: 15
    Required Skill Level: 2
    Untrained: No
    Type: Action
    Effect: Allows summoning of multiple instances of simple monsters such as chocobo, porings, skeletons, etc. These spells must be learned and you may summon a maximum of your skill level/5 monsters at any given time. These summons disappear in 1d3 rounds.
    Name: Summon Compatibility I
    Cost: 30
    Required Skill Level: 3
    Untrained: No
    Type: Action
    Effect: Allows summons to reach Compatibility 2 (**). A more compatible summon performs better, may cost less MP to summon, or may perform additional tasks.
    Name: Summon Compatibility II
    Cost: 120
    Required Skill Level: 6
    Untrained: No
    Prerequisites: Summon Compatibility I
    Type: Action
    Effect: Allows summons to reach Compatibility 3 (***). A more compatible summon performs better, may cost less MP to summon, or may perform additional tasks.
    Name: Summon Compatibility III
    Cost: 200
    Required Skill Level: 8
    Untrained: No
    Prerequisites: Summon Compatibility II
    Type: Action
    Effect: Allows summons to reach Compatibility 4 (****). A more compatible summon performs better, may cost less MP to summon, or may perform additional tasks.
Magic - Weapon Arcana
    Name: Dual Strike
    Cost: 30
    Required Skill Level: 3
    Untrained: No
    Effect: Allows a 1d2 hit combo with a conjured weapon.
    Name: Triple Strike
    Cost: 120
    Required Skill Level: 6
    Untrained: No
    Prerequisites: Dual Strike
    Effect: Allows a 1d3 hit combo with a conjured weapon.
Bonuses: Spirit: +, Crafting: +
Artisan - Cooking
    Name: Burger Technician
    Cost: 30
    Required Skill Level: 3
    Untrained: No
    Type: Bonus
    Effect: Increases 'sell item' value of cooking projects by 25%.
    Name: Sous Chef
    Cost: 120
    Required Skill Level: 6
    Untrained: No
    Prerequisites: Burger Technician
    Type: Bonus
    Effect: Increases bonus to 'sell item' value of cooking projects to 50%.
    Name: Soul Food
    Cost: 60
    Required Skill Level: 4
    Untrained: No
    Type: Ability
    Effect: Hollistic curatives dance side by side with meat and potatoes, giving your food an amazing curative quality. Replaces the effect of a food of any type with "Recovers 500 HP per level"
Field Training
Bonuses: Awareness: +, Perception Bonus: +, True Sight: +
<<> Abilities <>>

-= Physical (Style Points) =-
Current Style Points: (Used) / (Max) StP

-= Magical/Psionic (Spell Points) =-

General Magic
Level 1:
Bartime (10 mp, 10 SpP): A ball of elementally magnetic energy swirls around a target. Halve effects of time spells for 1d5 rounds.
Level 2:
Protect (40 mp, 15 SpP): Creates a barrier around the target that halves physical damage for 1d5 rounds.
Shell (40 mp, 15 SpP): Creates an ethereal barrier that halves magic damage for 1d5 rounds.
Level 4:
Reflect (160 mp, 30 SpP): Creates a barrier around the target that reflects magic back to the caster for 1d5 rounds.
Level 5:
Wall (250 mp, 40 SpP): Forms a powerful protective barrier around a target, halving physical and magical damage for 1d5 rounds.
Level 6:
Reflectra (360 mp, 60 SpP): Creates a barrier around 2 targets that reflects magic back to the caster for 1d5 rounds on 2 targets.
Restorative and Support
Level 1:
Cure (10 mp, 10 SpP): A healing flow of energy that augments recovery. (500 damage) ( total damage)
Enfire (10 mp, 10 SpP): Grants Mild En-Element(Fire) to a character for 1d5 rounds.
Enwater (10 mp, 10 SpP): Grants Mild En-Element(Water) to a character for 1d5 rounds.
Level 3:
Heal (90 mp, 20 SpP): A wave of curative energy washes over 2 targets. (600 damage) ( total damage)
Brave (90 mp, 20 SpP): Emboldens one target by infusing the caster's spiritual strength into theirs. Inflicts Chronic "Offense" status for 1d5 rounds.
Faith (90 mp, 20 SpP): Augments the spiritual fervor of one ally by bolstering the target's with the caster's. Inflicts Acute "Offense" status for 1d5 rounds.
Level 4:
Cura (160 mp, 30 SpP): An even stronger flow of curative energy that heals and mends the wounds of two targets. (2000 damage) ( total damage)
Level 6:
Healra (360 mp, 60 SpP): A wave of curative energy washes over 3 targets. (1500 damage) ( total damage)
Weapon Arcana
Level 0:
Arcane Mark (5 mp, 5 SpP): Inscribes a personal rune on an object or creature (visible or invisible). Detectable by Detect Magic whether visible or not.
Level 1:
Floating Disk (10 mp, 10 SpP): This spell creates a flat, wide disc of spiritual energy that can carry burdens, such as equipment, supplies, or people. Can hold (+2 * Mage Level) (20 at Level 10) passengers per disc, and each disc can travel (Mage Level) Areas before it needs to be recast. Up to (Mage Level / 2) (round up) (5 at Level 10) discs can be maintained simultaneously.
Level 2:
Bull's Strength (40 mp, 15 SpP): The character grants a bonus of +20 Strength/Mage Level to a character for lifting and damage purposes (+200 at Level 10).
Cat's Grace (40 mp, 15 SpP): The character grants a bonus of +20 Dexterity/Mage Level to a character for movement and dodging purposes (+200 at Level 10).
Twisted Space (40 mp, 15 SpP): This spell warps and distorts time-space around a single target that makes its attacks strike different areas than intended. For (Mage Level) rounds, the target's actions are randomly targetted (1d(number of possible targets)), including allies, AFTER they are declared.
Level 3:
Arcane Sight (90 mp, 20 SpP): This spell allows a single target to perceive magical emanations visually instead of just with extrasensory perception. For (Mage Level) rounds, this character can see and track magical auras and signs within 2 Areas.
Fly (90 mp, 20 SpP): This spell allows a single target to perform sustained, controlled flight for a short period of time. For (Mage Level) rounds, this character is able to use "Flight" as if in possession of the feat.
Level 4:
Arcana Theft (160 mp, 30 SpP): This spell targets a single opponent and "steals" a single positive status effect from it, at the caster's choice. If successful, this positive status effect is removed from the target and placed on the caster instead, at equal severity. It lasts for (caster's Mage Level) rounds, as if cast fresh.
Ball Lightning (160 mp, 30 SpP): This spell allows a character to project (Mage Level) spheres of electricity at a single target. Each deals magic damage +200.
Dragon's Breath (160 mp, 30 SpP): This spell allows a single target to emulate the famous fire breath of a mythical dragon. Deals Fire-based magic damage +800 to and inflicts Moderate "Burning" status on up to (Mage Level) targets.
Wall of Force (160 mp, 30 SpP): This spell erects a shimmering barrier of non-elemental magical energy that stretches across a wide area. This wall can be (Mage Leve/2l) Areas in dimension and has (full magic damage * 5) HP. The wall lasts for (Mage Level * 2) rounds or until destroyed.
Level 5:
Interposing Hand (250 mp, 40 SpP): This spell creates a monoplane wall of force between the caster and a single target. This wall moves with the caster and that one target, serving as a barrier to any and all oncoming attacks. The wall will not be fooled by status effects that the caster can will off, and will absorb (caster's magic damage * 10) HP before falling. The wall lasts for (Mage Level) rounds otherwise.
Level 6:
Disintegrate (360 mp, 60 SpP): The character is able to send a beam of non-elemental energy from his/her hands to strike a single target. This beam is extremely dangerous, dealing full-power non-elemental damage +5000 to the target if struck ... but the beam carries with it a chance of outright destroying lesser creatures ("goons") and solid objects (doors, walls, machines, etc.). Critical hit range on this spell is raised to 10%, but Divine remains at 1%.
Forceful Hand (360 mp, 60 SpP): The user is able to project an extremely powerful wave of force towards a single target, pushing it backwards. Deals Force-based damage +5000 and inflicts (+1 Severity / 2 Mage Levels) (Terminal at Level 10) severity "Knockback / Wall Rush" status to a single target.
Freezing Sphere (360 mp, 60 SpP): The user is able to create a dense ball of spiritual energy that, upon contact with an object, flash-freezes it and the surrounding area. Can be used to create barriers (block doorways), freeze up to (Mage Level / 2) (round up) Areas (5 Areas at Level 10) of the surface of liquid water to allow passage, and various other similar effects.
Sirocco (360 mp, 60 SpP): The character is able to create a searing-hot blastwave of down-draft air and project it downwards onto a single Area, affecting all targets inside. This actually deals a mix of Fire- and Wind-element magic damage +1500, and any who are struck by it suffer from Acute "Fatigue" status for 5 rounds.
True Seeing (360 mp, 60 SpP): The character is able to bestow "divine sight" on a single target. This spell doubles a character's roll result when attempting to look through or discern illusion-type spells or effects. The character is also automatically able to see through shapeshifting effects
<<> Equipment Slots <>>
Note: Dual-Wielded items occupy 1 Equipment Slot (not Inventory Slot).

Side Arm:
Ring 1:
Ring 2:
Gil: 35000
<<> Inventory <>>
<<> Character Description <>>
Age: 23
Height: 5'10
Weight: 190 (optional)
Appearance: Image
Appearance: Meet the epitome of magnetic allure – a captivating black male whose presence exudes a rare blend of strength and grace. Standing at a statuesque 5'10", his athletic build is a testament to his dedication to maintaining both physical prowess and an innate charm.
His light brown eyes possess an enigmatic depth, drawing you in with their warmth and intensity. They reflect a wisdom that goes beyond his years, making every interaction an enticing journey of discovery. Framed by his impeccable taste, his black hair cascades in intricate braids that whisper tales of tradition and modernity, weaving a captivating narrative of his identity.
But what truly sets him apart is the crescent symbol that graces a discreet location on his body. This symbol holds profound significance, an emblem of his connection to the celestial and earthly realms. It's a touch of mystery that invites you to unravel the layers of his personality, uncovering the secrets and stories that lie beneath.
His charismatic presence commands attention effortlessly, whether he's engaged in a thought-provoking conversation or pursuing his passions on the field. His smile, accompanied by a dimple on one cheek, holds the power to disarm even the most guarded hearts. His sculpted physique is a result of his dedication to his craft and a healthy lifestyle, while his easy confidence makes it clear that he's at ease in his own skin.
In a world where attractiveness is often subjective, he possesses a universal magnetism that transcends boundaries. His appeal isn't just in his physical features, but in the way he carries himself – a harmonious blend of strength, kindness, and authenticity. He's a living testament to the idea that true allure lies not just in appearances, but in the energy and spirit one radiates.
Eye Color: Light Brown (but can change depending on possession/moon phase)
Hair Color: Black
Notable Features: Crescent Moon Birthmark on his lower right side

<<> Character Personality <>>
Favorite Food: Steak
Likes: Researching
Dislikes: No internet connection
Favorite Color: Aquamarine
Fears: Loss of cellphone

<<>Character Background<>>
In the heart of vibrant New Orleans, where the veil between the ordinary and the supernatural is tantalizingly thin, resides Ahkeem Tinsave – a average kid whose life takes an enchanting twist as he discovers his extraordinary connection to the mystical realm.
Ahkeem's story begins with a childhood spent wandering the historic streets of the French Quarter, listening to the haunting melodies of jazz and feeling the city's rich history seep into his bones. Raised on tales of voodoo magic and ancient spirits, he found solace in immersing himself in roleplaying games, where he could temporarily escape into fantastical worlds. Due to the tiberium wars, this was often his only solace.
As he grew older, Ahkeem's fascination with the mystical grew stronger. He often visited the local occult shops, poring over dusty tomes and mysterious artifacts, yearning to uncover the secrets hidden within. Little did he know that he was drawing the attention of spirits attuned to his unique energy.
One fateful evening, while strolling along the moonlit banks of the Mississippi River, Ahkeem felt an inexplicable pull toward an old oak tree. Beneath its sprawling branches, a spectral wolf materialized before him – its eyes a luminous reflection of the moon. The wolf, a spirit guide, revealed Ahkeem's latent abilities – gifts passed down through generations, dormant within his bloodline.
The wolf recounted tales of an ancient pact between his ancestors and the spirit world, intertwining their destinies. Ahkeem learned that he possessed the power to bridge the gap between the living and the supernatural, harnessing magic that was as wild and untamed as the city he called home.
Guided by the spirit wolf, Ahkeem embarked on a transformative journey. He delved deeper into his family's history, uncovering the truth about his lineage and the sacrifices made to maintain the delicate balance between the two worlds. With each revelation, his connection to the supernatural grew stronger, and he honed his newfound abilities under the guidance of the wolf spirit.
As his powers flourished, so did his sense of responsibility. Ahkeem embraced his role as a guardian of the supernatural, pledging to protect the fragile harmony that existed between realms. He seamlessly melded his passion for helping others with his newfound purpose, using his knowledge of both worlds to navigate the challenges that arose.
With the crescent moon as his emblem – a nod to the city's symbolism and his family's pact – Ahkeem embraced his destiny as a conduit between the realms, weaving the threads of magic and reality together. As he walks the cobblestone streets of New Orleans, he carries the weight of his heritage and the promise to honor the legacy of his ancestors, guided by the spirit wolf's unwavering presence.
<<> Special Notes <>>
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Things that require conversion:

Mysterious Power
7th 7th of 7:
Ahkeem 7th generation 7th son of the 7th son, a rare magical anamoly. Due to this mystical birth ahkeem exists as something of an astral beacon to those of both supernatural and even those who simply possess grand destinies, both he drawn to them and they him. Be that for good or ill intent. When encountered in whatever GM scenario desired interactions with ahkeem can result in blessings, boons, quests, and items to be bequeth to ahkeem himself or members in the party with him. These can be gained upfront of presented in the form of a quest or sidequest alongside the main objective of the party. While stated, this isnt a power ahkeem can 'invoke' and is simply something always going on.

Ivalice Wish: Is ahkeem still capable of having 4 classes

Aura: 7th Son of the 7th Son
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: Whatever the form or intent of the character, they put off an aura that, while too subtle to notice by most, is a neon sign to those who know how to see it. Beware those with the supernatural senses to put comprehension to the general feeling of not-quite-right you emanate. (Now covered with Astral beacon)

Oversoul - Anima Supra
Description: Using the powers of a willing souls , ahkeem summons them forth threw weapons and armor to do battle. Gained from the understanding and acceptance of the spiritual world
For an added 50% mp cost of a summoned arcana weapon or 500 mp (in the case of a normal weapon or armor) ahkeem can imbue a sliver of the power of an summon under his command into the held normal item or summoned item acting as a 'holding vessel'.
Affected items:
1.Weapon gains a ele-strike level equal to his compatibility level with that summon.
2.When used in conjunction with armor Ahkeem gains his compatibility level in that summons specific element as an elemental shield. If non-elemental, ahkeem simply gains his compatibility level*1000 in physical damage or compatibility level*500 in defense.
-In all cases- maintenance is 200 mp per round. During this period the 'combined summon' cannot be used. All other summons called have a doubled summoning spell cost for their actions.

Oversoul II - Shamanic Understanding: Samsara
Description: Furthering the power that wields souls, ahkeem's shaman powers move to a new level equipping souls faster and using their powers more efficiently, rather than going for more power directly. Gained from the study of the cycle of life and death
Oversoul activation is reduced to a 25% additional mp cost when being used with weapon arcana & a 250 mp cost when used with a physical medium. Ahkeem can now use this ability as a free action.

Oversoul III - Unity Advance - Ultra Senji Ryakketsu
Description: Furthering his shamanic powers threw summoning Ahkeem moves to a new level allowing him to intergrate spirits into himself allowing unique spells and techniques, this time gained from the study of an ancient legendary shaman from earth.
Mechanics: Ahkeem can merge with summons fully gaining access to there powers without calling them forth acting as an avatar for the spirit instead. This allows him to create customs with an additional 5 attribute to make abilities linked to the sprit/deity but it must match that spirit and can only be used when merged.

Description: 'The Spark' is a connection to multiverse via the ether of the spaces between connecting to a soul. While at one point this gave untold power to beings known as planeswalkers an event transpired that limited there beyond god like power. Those however who are blessed to awaken to this power maintain the connection to the space between and can cross realms and access energy.
Mechanic 1: So long as ahkeem can sense it and has been there Ahkeem can planer walk to a leyline. Much like his '7th Son' feat, by those who are able this is something he cannot hide and is visible to anyone who is capably aware as an aura. His planer walks can also be fully sensed by anyone able on leaving and emergence to a new plane. This cannot be done during battle
Mechanic 2: Due to this aethereal connection, ahkeem is able to so long as a DC exists to be beaten can use WILL to release himself from the status 'Silence'. If imposed on a zone ahkeem can 'will' himself into being able to cast. However both the action and the casted spell require double the mp. These are also only single actions
Restrictions: Can only travel to a point that's in the present, leylines that are a different point in time aren't access able. Leylines to false realities (pseudo-spaces). Leylines sealed up (must be removed for him to be able to travel.)

[Circlet] that fits over the forehead and slides under/through the hair to sit neatly above the eyebrows. It comes to a small point in the front between the eyelashes, and has chain clasts in the back that can adjust to various head sizes.
Natural Property:+120 Spirit, +120 Willpower
[Opal Ring] causes magic to pierce Reflect barriers.

Wonderous Objects:
Headband of Intellect: +20 to Int based skill rolls halved or not
Cloak of Health: +20 to Health Based rolls
Gold Win Fan: Form violent spiral of hard wind affecting all targets in (Mage Level) areas including up.
Flight based creatures must make a Flight check vs. the DC (150) to escape.
Characters on the ground can avoid normally or suffer knockdown / knockback up to stage 3rd severity each).
Command Word: Woosh Use: 1 limit per day , additional uses cause 10%+ chance of fan tearing
Decanter of Endless water: creates anywhere from a drop to a geyser of water, causes 500 water damage
Helm of Comprehension: Understand a language spoken verbally
Gauntlet of Arrow Snaring: Grasp anything that isnt SMG or full auto weapon automatically deflecting.

The 7 Rings of the 7th Son
Rings of Andrians (Endure)
[Bear's Tale] +50 Endurance Enchantment(5): SOS-Wall (Activates at 25%: 2250)
[Live Strong] +30 Health Enchantment (5): +25 Survival
Natural Property: +15 Survival Checks

Rings of Batay (Combat)
[Lion's Ring] +30 Strength Enchantment(6): Natural Property: Ectoplasmic Shield - Deals *1 holy damage to incorporeal undead that strike you.

[Pouvwa Ring] +50 STR Enchantment(6): (Brave) (boosts base physical damage by spirit stat)

Rings of Nanm (Soul)
[Summoner's Band] Enchantment Level (6): Rare Natural Property: Summon Upkeep -50%
[Shamen Drive] Enchantment Level (6): Natural Property: Magic Affinity +50

Ann vant bag s t fwa (Binding Ring of the 7th)
[Seven Force] Enchant Level (8): Enchantment: Master Augmented Casting +2 Damage Modifier
Natural Property: +10 to Weapon Arcana, a +10 to cooking, and
Special Trait: SOS Summon+: 40% health, you have a 10% chance of casting the summon as though it was an affinity level higher than it is

1.Name: The Mana Weaver
Price: 10681956 Skill Level To Use: 24
Augmentation Slots: 9
Roll Bonus: +95 Damage Mod: 22.25 DC To Make: 3780
Tempering X: 5.25 Aero X: +25
Enchantment Slots: [][][][][][][][]
Special Enchantment: [Thundering: When damage is delt its possible to deal 25% of that damage as unsoakable sonic damage.(Lethal/Non-Lethal)]

Name: Summoner’s Ruby Vestments
Price: 2314800 Gil Crafting DC: 5580
Phy/Mag: 6600
Dodge Bonus: +36
Natrual Property: Spirit Resonator - Used at the start of a mission, find grand summons/or entities with grand summons easier. It works like a spiritual 'ping' on radar gradually pinpointing the location of the summon, its seal, or container

Normal Summoning (Compatability Level 1-4)
<Lucied - Simple Form, Tony the dog>
Description: While desire is a simple emotion it has varying levels of power and ones connection to lucied and his ability to sense such takes time. In this form the ravaging great beast enters the fray as a simple canine with arctic white fur. He is friendly and loyal and may even follow people around when directly summoned at his choosing. But make no mistake about this for this beasts claws and teeth are of something freater indeed.In this form 'Tony' is more helpful than rampaging.

Guardian Force HP: 3000
Out of Combat Effects: Pick One
A - +2 Running Per Level

Level 1: (100 MP * Level)
Mad Dash: Tony charges forward at an attacker biting or clawing sharply with its teeth and fangs.
5000 unsoakable damage of the GF's element per level.

Level 2: (200 MP * Level)
Frenzy Smash: Tony charges forwad at an attacker leaping ontop of them clawing them with its teeth and fangs then with its jaw and an astonishing display of strength lifts them up with its teeth and leaps into the air then tosses them back down into the ground with oppresive force.
6000 unsoakable damage of the GF's element per level.

Level 3: (300 MP * Level)
Canine Howl: Tony howls loudly as windows bellow threw the area, a small orb appears enclosing a person in a realm of white. A small eye appears and a beam hits them restoring there vitality.
3500 HP healing per level, plus automatically recovers 5% of their HP every round for Level rounds.

Level 4: (450 MP * Level)
Bark, Bark, Lick - Puppy Dog Eyes:
B - 20,000 HP healing per level, distributed as the caster wishes

Level 5: ( All MP, Minimum of 1000)
Celestial Howling, Keep Fighting: Tony howls up toward the moon and for a brief momment becomes its true form it turns staring down the party looking each person in the eyes sensing there inner most desires then simply decides they need a little more before he actully takes things seriously. He howls loudly as a wave of energy floats over everyone before turning back into its canine form and moving away.
B - 200,000 healing per level, distributed as the caster wishes, plus 5 rounds of, Acute: [Once More] The character is able to survive two single- or multi-hit attacks that would normally render him/her unconscious (below 0 HP) with 1 HP.

<Lucied, Guardian of Desire>
Equipment Enchant:"God of desire, he who chooses to stand with those most

Description: Luceid is one of the 4 Guardian Lords that rule over a large pantheon of Guardians; he/she is an emotional spirit empowered and guided by a simple driving force ...it is a neutral entity the Guardian of Desire. It often finds itself holding a corporeal form wandering the lands seeking those with strong devotion to a cause or those with the potential for such. Sometimes aiding them ..and other times simply following them around. Fickle ..yet loyal and faultless if he confronts you and your soul speaks out to you his name you need only utter them. And lucied will lend you his aid ...at least to the extent of which you desire. Originally from another world it headed the call of another potential its domain by no means limited to a single world.

Guardian Force HP: 15000 * Level
Out of Combat Effects: As a wolf lucied needs no desire to use his celestial governed beast like senses to search the area about for something and provide aid per level.
1. In a similer manor to 'dousing' lucied can given information about the location of an person , item, or location with the knowledge of its location. (3, times per day)
2. Same affect but, in the event how to reach such is unknown a 'means' to reach it will also be shown. Finding it is up to you! (2, times per day)
3. If anything is close by Lucied will indicate such and if capable will transport the party to that location from there current placing. This can be used once per day (Once Per day)
4. If anything is found and are within several areas of the group Lucied will grow in size and transport them across large terrain quickly unaffected by terrain such as forest or deserts.
5. Regardless of distance, lucied will know where it is and how to get you there and with enough power if the GM deems the partys desire for what they seek strong enough can allow lucied the option of traversing time and space to reach that point.

Level 1: (250 MP * Level)
Summon Attack: Mad Lucied
Lucied, will transform into an orb of light and bestow his power on one character literally embueing them with the power of a summoning spirit. There weapon will briefly hold his power being engulfed in blue and red 'flame-like' energy.
Add +10,000 non-elemental damage per level, to a weapon (after all other calculations) (+5000 In the event the weapons are duel wielded). Any custom attack used will be replaced by the ability 'Mad Lucied' for <Level> rounds.
Acute: [Slashed] 25% chance of replacing damage with 6% target's Max HP in unsoakable physical damage, can be inflicted on the first attack around in which mad lucied is summoned working up 'up to' 3 total hits.

Level 2: (450 MP * Level)
Summon Attack: Desire Dash
The scene changes to that of a desert the sound of feet rapidly dashing across the field as the sun blazes overhead. Lucied can be seen picking up tremendous amounts of speed entering a wind tunnel of sorts before essentially fading from view. The beast howls with soemthing of a demented laughter appearing simply sitting on a small hill behind the woodbe onlookers as a massive and sudden 'sonic boom' crashes into them as Lucied's speed finally 'catches' up with him sending everything spiraling about into the air. Lucied opens his mouth and fires an orb of darkness from his jaws blasting them with several volleys of energy befoer the scene ends.
Causes 15,000 DARK damage per level, with a 10% chance per level of [Knockdown] to those on the ground, and a 20% chance per level of [Knockdown] to those in the air.

Level 3: (650 MP * Level)
Lucied's Wrath: Blood Letting
Lucied Howls as hundreds of blades align around the sky above a single attacker before flying into them all at once from all sides. While pinned down a much larger claymore sized blade will erupt from the ground running straight threw them. The etheral blades vanishing after the strike ....leaving all the pain and blood remaining.
Deals 25,000 physical, unblockable damage per level, along with [Disarm] and a [Bleed] that cannot be healed by conventional means.

Level 4: (800 MP * Level)
Summon Attack: Dark World
Lucied 'changes stances' becoming more humanoid in form extending his paw toward an opponent. An orb of darkness engulfs thier entire being. Inside the orb thousands of eyes open all around them as waves of darkness start to flow within. A dark laughter and howling can be heard as the orb suddenly -snaps- inward with crushing graviton force.
1d5 hits of 15,000 Force damage per level each. If the target was hit previously by Blood Letting, +2 possible hits can be added. if the target was knocked down by mad Lucied, +1 to total hits.

Level 5: ( All MP, Minimum of 4000)
We ride again: Sword Magus Anastasia, Lucied, and the Argetlahm blade
Lucied appears in all of his glory but he is not alone. A mysterious women sits atop him holding a mystical blade. The blade the women, and the wolf appear to overflow with spiritual power. Speaking briefly to one another lucied fires a volley of beams from its mouth striking the field as it rides into that very storm of energy with this mysterious women. She leaps off at the 'centerpoint' of all the chaos and stabs her sword into the ground in a 'praying' position. Orbs of unknown origin float into her and a massive wave is unleashed. She vanishes looking on at the party "I shall see you on the other side my dear Lucied." fading away from sight. Lucied howls as another burst of force is unleashed across the field.
<Lucied> "Anastasia, it has been to long. Do you feel it, their strong desire?"
<Anastasia> "My dear Lucied, yes my sacred blade feels their strength! Let us ride again for a time when heros may rest contently. GO LUCIED!"
Deals 1,250,000 Non-Elemental damage to all enemies. (+10,000 for ever PC in battle)
If Mad Lucied has been used, deals [Disarm] to a single target.
If Blood Letting has been used, deals [Bleed] to a single target.
If Dark World has been used, deals [Blind] to a single target.
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Normal Summons: 1305 sp used
Lessor Summons
L1(2-15) (30)
Name: Acolyte of Lumina (Holy)
The clerics of Lumina handed her secrets down carefully to those who showed promise. Those who handled their power well were chosen by Lumina to become acolytes.

Description: A woman wearing a veiled priestess robe that lacked the designs of a fully ordained priestess. This was because it was felt that the light of the cleric could only be shown with discipline and training, lest it blind.
Initiative: 35*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity II
HP: 500*rank
Attack: The acolyte will never attack, even if assaulted.
Dodge: 1s2+(1*rank). The attacker will automatically take +200 holy damage.
Special: The acolyte can bless a person for (+2*rank) to non combat rolls.
Rank 1: The acolyte will cast a healing spell for +250 healing and affects 2 targets.
Rank 2: The acolyte can bless a person for (+3*rank) to non combat rolls.
Rank 3: The acolyte will cast a healing spell for +300 healing and affects 3 targets.
Rank 4: The acolytes healing will also remove low level status effects
Rank 5: The acolyte can bless a person for (+5*rank) to non combat rolls.

Name: Forest Wolf
The forest glades have their own ways of keeping natures population in check.

Description: This spell summons a fiercely loyal white wolf to the aid of the summoner. The wolf has a thick white fur, and is docile and well behaved unless approached by an enemy – they know.
Initiative: 40 * Rank
Element: Earth Affinity I
HP: 1500*rank
Attack: Bite, 1s3+(3*Rank), +200 damage
Dodge: 1s3+(2*rank)
Special: The wolf will automatically counter attack anyone who physically attacks the summoner.
Rank 1: The wolf’s bite becomes more potent, becoming +250 damage.
Rank 2: On a counter attack, the wolf’s roll to hit is +10 and damage is +300.
Rank 3: The wolf’s bite causes the Mild Bleed effect for 1d5 rounds.
Rank 4: 1d3 Wolves may be summoned to create a wolf pack.
Rank 5: The wolf’s bite becomes +500 damage.

L2(1-25) (25)
Name: Sage of the Great Library (Holy)
As a divine reward for spending life in pursuit of knowledge, the Sages of the Great Library were allowed immortality to continue their journey.

Description: A cloaked and hooded member of a monastic order with empty pools of cerulean energy rather than eyes that glow from underneath its hood. It carries a thick grimoire in one arm.
Init: 30*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity II
Hp: 1000*Rank
Attack: Bash - 1s3+(3*rank), +400 damage.
Dodge: 1s3+(3*rank)
Special: When an enemy is defeated while the Sage is active, information about it is stored inside of the Sage's grimoire, giving a GM-determined bonus to battling identical enemies for a certain amount of time.
Rank 1: Incantatum Alpha - Scribes a copy of a written spell or rune into the Grimoire, allowing the Summoner to cast it as long as the same Sage remains active. And costs must be paid.
Rank 2: Transcribe - By uttering the magic word 'Ctrlcctrlv', creates a copy of a target page in the Sage's grimoire. This can be applied to a weapon or armor in a a single Augment slot to grant the bonus permanently. This can be done with spell/rune pages, but only if the Sage is kept active long enough to Scribe Scroll it as a character would.
Rank 3: Incatatum Omega - Purging spell used to remove tainted grimoires. May destroy magical artifacts or books held by the target at the GM's whim, or more reliably, Enchantments placed on equipment.
Rank 4: Erasaga - Blasts at the very existence of a target that is in the Sage's Grimoire, dealing (600*Rank) damage with (+5*Rank) attack bonus, ignoring all defenses.
Rank 5: Incantatum Zeta - Sacrifices the Sage to grant their spark of immortality to another. The target gains a barrier with HP equal to the Sage's current HP and Soaks equal to those of the Summoner, all damage then as if by Wall. Overflow damage to the barrier is soaked.

L3(2-35) (70)
Name: African Lion (Earth)

Humans only rule the lands which the lions have no desire to own.

Description: An oversized, massive, tan- and golden-furred lion with a thick red mane and black spots scattered throughout its body. The lion's paws are easily the size of human heads or bigger, and its shoulders are nearly six feet high alone.
Init: 80 * Rank
Element: Earth Affinity I
Hp: 2,400 * Rank
Attack: Claws - 1s5+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank)
Special: When summoned, and once on every killing blow or Crit, the Lion gives a terrifying roar, causing [Fear] to (Rank) targets for one round. This may fail at the GMs discretion against particularly fearless, stupid, or huge enemies.
Rank 1: The 'king of beasts' is appropriately regal to mundane creatures. This allows the Summoner's party to make Speechcraft checks against nonsentient creatures. The lion effectively translates back and forth. If there is already some means to do this, the lion instead grants +(2*Rank) to all such checks.
Rank 2: Pounce - Attack normally, dealing no damage at first. After this, the Lion will deal full attack damage every turn for (Rank) turns. While a foe is so pinned, they cannot be attacked by others, and if its turn comes up while being mauled, they can spend an action to throw the lion off automatically.
Rank 3: The Rank 1 ability is expanded, affecting magical, nonsentient creatures as well.
Rank 4: Summoned, animated, or conjured creatures of lesser Rank (Or spell level) than the lion's Rank will fall inert in place of the roar's Fear effect until the enemy controlling them reestablishes control. This works especially well on 'natural' summons and poorly on 'unnatural' summons.
Rank 5: The lion is so majestically terrifying that even mindless creatures such as plants and undead respond to the chance to speak instead of getting eaten.

Name: Paladin of Theron (Holy)
Acolytes of Theron who show promise with the blade are asked to defend her holy name.
Description: A fair-haired woman with long, pointed ears wearing a mix of plate armor and white, clerical robes, the Paladin of Theron is a tall creature carrying a sword and shield.
Init: 70 * Rank
Element: Holy
Hp: 3000 * Rank
Attack: Sword - +18 * Rank, 2500 * Rank
Dodge: +15 * Rank; Block: +18 * Rank
Special: The Paladin of Theron is able to cast Mild "Enholy" on a single target with an action.
Rank 1: The gift of a relic shield grants the Paladin +22*Rank Block versus Dark, Shadow, Demonic, Dragonic, and Undead attacks.
Rank 2: The gift of a relic sword grants the Paladin +24*Rank Hit versus Dark, Shadow, Demonic, Dragonic, and Undead enemies.
Rank 3: The first round of the Paladin's Enholy effect bestows +6*Rank to either Hit or Block rolled against Dark, Shadow, Demonic, Dragonic, and Undead.
Rank 4: The Paladin can temporarily 'promote' another character as her gracious goddess has been known to do. This grants Enholy effect even to the target's abilities and spells (as long as they don't already deal Holy damage), and negates Holy damage for 1*Rank rounds.
Rank 5: Once per round, the Paladin can 'detonate' an Enholy placed on an attacking ally or herself. This ends the effect, but calculates the damage at 400% instead of 150%. This must be called before the attack is rolled. This effects only the last hit of a combo and ends the Rank 3 passive if detonated.

L4 (3-45) (135)
Name: Seraph (Holy)
An angelic being descends from the heavens with a holy sword and shield. Any darkness not burned away by the love of the shield is torn asunder by the wrath of the sword..

Description: An impossibly beautiful humanoid with traits that seem to dance on the cusp of many races without actually landing on one. Likewise, they are neither feminine nor masculine, yet both. What seems like golden armor is actually a silvery grey, shone upon by the light of purity that shines from behind the white-eyed, white-haired head of the angel. Sword and shield alike are too large to be used as easily as the creature uses them.
Init: 75*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity III
Hp: 3500*Rank
Attack: Greatsword - 1s5+(5*rank), Damage +800
Dodge: 1s5+(5*rank) dodge, 1s6+(6*rank) block
Special: The very presence of such purity is painful to demonic creatures. They must pass a Spirit or Health check VS DC 25*Rank or suffer [Pain] of Severity*Rank for that round. Success prevents this from affecting them again on the same Seraph.
Rank 1: The Seraph can go on the defensive, trading its attack action for ((Rank/2)+1) cover-blocks (round down) at any time during the round. Seraph takes full damage of the attack on a failed block.
Rank 2: Damage the Seraph takes from demons is divided by Rank.
Rank 3: The Seraph can 'stand and deliver' once per diem. This removes the immunity to the Seraph's Special that comes with succeeding the check, and they must again start checking every round to avoid Pain.
Rank 4: The Seraph's Greatsword gains Demon Killer, doubling damage to demons. At Rank 5 this upgrades to Demon Slayer, tripling damage to demons.
Rank 5: DC to avoid the Seraph's Pain status is set to 200. Seraph's greatsword reverses the Soak of targets afflicted by it.

Name: Wizard of the Asturian Court (Holy)

Asturia, one of the few nations to welcome wizards to their court, benefitted well of their wisdom

Description: A wizened old figure, clad in finery even greater than the average mage. The richest silks and jewelry, adorned in the heraldry of a far off kingdom give the thaumaturge a larger than life appearance, with a matching hat shading its shrewd eyes and confident smile.
Init: 40*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity II
Hp: 2800*Rank
Attack: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +800
Dodge: 1s5+(5*rank) Physical, 1s6*(6*rank) Magical
Special: The Wizard is well respected by clergy and wizards alike, bridging the gap between the two by its very presence. Diplomacy checks against practically any kind of magic user gain a +(3*Rank) bonus. This also applies when convincing the superstitious that one isn't a threat simply for knowing magic.
Rank 1: The Wizard's attacks are considered Holy element.
Rank 2: Fire, Ice, or Water element can be added to the Wizard's attack, on top of its innate Holy affinity.
Rank 3: Earth, Plant, Wind, or Thunder element can be added to the Wizard's attack, on top of its innate Holy affinity.
Rank 4: On a Critical Hit, a miracle occurs. Roll 2 crit cards, OR force a standard Critical Hit against a target who would have otherwise dodged.
Rank 5: On a Divine, a greater miracle occurs. Even if the attack misses, a status effect is caused depending on the element added, at the highest Severity permissible. If the target is fully immune, instead roll 2 crit cards.(Holy Only: Reverse, Fire: Burning, Water: Soak, Ice: Freeze, Plant: Infest, Wind: Knockback, Earth: Clod, Thunder: Shock)

Name: Magma Elemental (Fire)

When the fire spirits went to war, they donned their armor as would any other being.

Description: An unnerving figure of fire and molten rock peers out of obsidian armor at least a foot thick, the inside of which is still trying valiantly to melt where it floats in contact with the incredibly heat of the Elemental's liquid body. The plates of pitch black stone are run with glowing red cracks, and float in odd chunks that don't seem connected to anything. It's hard to tell if the liquid is keeping the armor in place or vice versa.
Init: 70*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity III
Hp: 3000*Rank
Attack: 1s5+(5*rank), Damage +800
Dodge: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: The bottom Rank*5% roll of any attack aimed at the Elemental will miss automatically.
Rank 1: On a successful application of the Elemental's special ability, the attacking weapon comes into contact with the creature's molten body and is damaged as if by a Called Shot to that weapon using its full attack power. In the case of Martial Arts or natural weapon usage, this also damages the attacker.
Rank 2: The Elemental can shoot off a piece of its armor for an attack at 1s6+(6*rank). The creature's Physical and Magical Soak are added to the damage. This costs 500 HP.
Rank 3: When hit by a Fire attack, the Elemental will null the damage and gain double attack power for one round. When hit by an explicitly Lava or Earth attack, the elemental is healed.
Rank 4: When hit by an Ice attack, the Elemental takes half damage and gains 1000 Physical and Magical Soak per Rank until hit with Fire. This slows its Dodge to 1s5+(3*rank). Its rank 3 ability now lasts until it is hit with Ice.
Rank 5: The Elemental can be fed a piece of armor, and henceforth will be wearing it when summoned. The armor is reduced to useless scrap if unequipped, but can be replaced by another armor. Enhancements to Strength or Spirit provided by the armor are fed directly to the Elemental's base attack of Damage +1500.
The Golem now absorbs any physical ranged attack that is dodged by its Special.

Level 5 (10-600)
Name: Air Elemental (Wind)
Being an elemental of the air, and the pure breezes that blow through the world. The wind carries fragrance, the seeds of flowers and trees, yet it can also spread fire, and pestilence.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They tend to appear as a small, greenish whirlwind with an open end on both sides instead of just the top, or as a half-formed fairy.
Initiative: 90*Rank
Element: Wind Affinity III
HP: 2500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank) dodge, 1s6+(6*rank) Deflect (Ranged, Physical)
Special: On a successful Deflection of a ranged, Physical attack, the projectile is hurled back toward the attacker using the Air Elemental's To-Hit roll.
Rank 1: On a Critical Deflection, add +500 damage to the weapon thrown back.
Rank 2: On a Divine Deflection, add +1000 damage to the weapon thrown back.
Rank 3: Deflection now applies to Wind magic, Lightning magic at Rank 4, and Fire/Water Magic at Rank 5.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Wind/Lightning aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: If the Elemental successfully Deflects magic, it crystallizes, doubling its Deflection bonus but preventing it from acting. It can sacrifice itself to test its Deflection score against a ranged physical, wind, lightning, fire, or ice attack that would otherwise strike the entire party, preventing the damage and hurling it back at the caster.
Any crystallized Wind Elementals remaining at the end of combat transform into a Fog Grenade Mk 1.

Name: Dark Elemental (Dark)
A creature of destruction, wrought and wrapped in it.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. Dark elementals tend to take the form of a sheet of darkness, within which one can see leering faces that don't last long enough to be sure they were really there.
Initiative: 70*Rank
Element: Dark Affinity III
HP: 2500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: Half the damage done by a Dark Elemental or any of its abilities is subtracted from the target's Max HP. It cannot be healed without proper medical attention or high level Clerical spells.
Rank 1: On a Critical hit, the Dark Elemental deals Rank% of the target's remaining HP as bonus damage, instead of a crit card.
Rank 2: On a Divine hit, the Dark Elemental deals Rank% of the target's max HP as bonus damage, instead of a crit card.
Rank 3: The Elemental heals by the amount it saps from the target's Max HP.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Dark and Shadow aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: The Elemental's full damage is subtracted from the target's Max HP, and not even medical attention and rest will recover it. The target is literally scarred for life, with only the most powerful of Clerical spells recovering the damage. If the Elemental strikes an already dead target, it crystallizes, negating its Upkeep Cost; The first attack it makes will deal double damage at the cost of its life.
All crystallized Dark Elementals remaining at the end of a mission will transform into a single Dark Barrier or Voidstrike Accessory of Phazite quality, for 1 or 2 Crystals.

Name: Earth Elemental (Earth)
Certain sects worship these elementals as the sacred force that ties men to the land, and they give thanks to the elementals for rich soil and good harvests.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They can appear as golems with uncannily flowing joints of solid rock, or as simply a single 'main' stone orbitted by belts of smaller rocks and dust.
Initiative: 40*Rank
Element: Earth Affinity III
HP: 4500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank) dodge, 1s6+(6*rank) block(physical, Melee)
Special: The Earth Elemental has 400*Rank Physical Soak. On a successful Block of a physical, melee attack, the weapon is degraded by 50*Rank damage, blunted on the unforgiving stone of the elemental's impervious hide.
Rank 1: On a Critical Defense, the Elemental's weapon degrading effect is doubled, in addition to the counter.
Rank 2: Critical Defense rate is multiplied by [Rank].
Rank 3: The Earth Elemental can, (Rank-2) times per round, Cover an ally by beating the attack with a Block check.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Earth/Plant aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: If the Earth Elemental reduces a weapon to 0 damage, it absorbs the pieces and crystallizes, cancelling its Upkeep. Its Soak becomes both physical and Magical while crystallized, and it can take no action except Blocking.. At the end of combat it transforms into a chunk of the same material used in the weapon it absorbed.

Name: Fire Elemental (Fire)
When we stared down into the pit of lava, we didn't expect something to look back up at us.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They tend to take the form of drippy figures, humanoid only in the roughest sense of the word, with glowing embers for eyes. As chaotic as flame, they can also appear as simply disembodied sparks, called 'will o wisps', or if they're feeling good humored, as jack-o-lanterns.
Initiative: 80*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity III
HP: 4000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: 1/10 of the Fire Elemental's damage is done to the target's Physical Armor, not counting natural soak. Robots can be pushed into the negatives by this.
Rank 1: A Critical hit causes Mild Burn.
Rank 2: A Divine hit causes Moderate Burn, which also triggers the Elemental's Melt on every tic.
Rank 3: The Elemental heals by the amount it saps from the target's Soak.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Fire aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: If a Fire Elemental strikes the 'final blow' on a target's Armor, it crystallizes, negating its Upkeep cost until it attacks, which will strike all targets for normal damage, Acute Burning, and a charge of Melt. This destroys the Elemental.
Each crystallized Fire Elemental remaining at the end of combat will transform into a fire-damage Semtex Grenade Mk 1.

Name: Feral Archon (Holy)
The king of kings of beasts. The lord of lords of the jungle.

Description: Creatures that come in many shapes and sizes, said to dwell on the celestial plane as a sort of template for worldly animals. Easily twice the size of even the largest of their counterparts, they are angelic in appearance, with purest white fur and features of gold and silver depending on species; A stag's horns, or a lion's mane.
Initiative: 65*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity II
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: The Feral Archon adds +5*rank to Intimidate checks VS evil beast-like creatures, and a +5*rank to Beast Training or Diplomacy checks VS good beast-like creatures. Either will function on nonsentient, nonmagical beasts.
Rank 1: The Feral Archon gains access to 1 'Beast Power' trait of the Animal race. At level 3, the Archon can have 2 such Feats, and at 5 the Archon can have 3 such Feats. All damage dealing traits apply their multiplier to the Feral Archon's base attack. Movement speed traits grant the Archon an innate 'Athletics' level equal to the Summoner's magic skill level, while 'Trailblazer' grants the Archon a Tracking skill of the Summoner's magic skill level. 'Tough Hide' grants natural, physical armor equal to half the Archon's base damage.
Rank 2: The Feral Archon can be summoned at Giant 1. At Rank 4, the Feral Archon can be summoned at Giant 2.
Rank 3: The Summoner gains 1 'Favorite' archon form per Rank. The Archon's Diplomacy/Beast Training bonus is doubled against creatures of the same species, while its Intimidate check is doubled against creatures that species would naturally prey on.
Rank 4: The Feral Archon stokes a primitive, forgotten fear in those of beastkin. The Archon's special now applies even to sentient beastmorphs, creatures that only have beastlike qualities, or mutant creatures formed by arcane or scientific tinkering, as if they were fully a lowly fourlegged animal. In short, if it so much as has antlers, it's considered a deer.
Rank 5: The Feral Archon can 'bless' mundane and lesser versions of their own species, bringing them to the pinnacle of health and beastly strength. This ability is granted to any number of creatures matching the current species of the Feral Archon, either willingly or by a Diplomacy/Beast Training check, and can only be granted to 'Favorite' species. Blessed beasts function as a Feral Archon under the Summoner's command, of Rank 3 but without the Rank Bonuses (The 3 applies only to base stats). Once converted, these deputy archons fight to the death, costing no MP to maintain.

Name: Ghost Fencer (Neutral)
'Ghost Fencer', in name only, for it is neither.

Description: The weapon of a consummate duelist or gladiator, given life by the need to continue fighting and winning long after its death. A fitting weapon for such a person, usually a rapier or epee, hovering in midair at an upward tilt fitting a proper fencing stance. It may be held by a ghastly or floating gauntlet, but the sword itself is the true entity.
Initiative: The Ghost Fencer takes the first turn of the round, always.
Element: Nonelemental
HP: 2500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank) Dodge, 1s6+(6*rank) Block
Special: The Fencer can be "equipped" with a Short Sword, applying half of its damage bonus & to-hit bonus to its attacks.
Rank 1: The Ghost Fencer can choose to forgo its action and focus on riposting attacks. While in this mode, the Fencer counts as [Rank] targets, and instantly counters any successful Block with a single-hit attack.
Rank 2: The Ghost Fencer gains a Combo attack, with 1d(Rank) hits. This is used only on its own turn, not as a counter.
Rank 3: The Ghost Fencer can Block ranged attacks and counter normally, except Shotguns, Assault Weapons, and Rocket/Grenade Launchers.
Rank 4: The Ghost Fencer can Block magic attacks and counter normally.
Rank 5: On a Critical Block or against a Botched attack, the Ghost Fencer will automatically disarm melee attackers with non-natural weapons, or add the damage of a projectile/magic attack to its counter attack damage.

Name: Holy Elemental (Holy)
We thought it was the light at the end of the dark cave tunnel -- we were wrong.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They tend to take the form of pearly spheres, from the center of which radiates a chaotic flow of prismatic beams of light.
Initiative: 70*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity III
HP: 4500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank)
Maximum 'Shine': 1000*Rank*Rank
Special: Half the damage done by a Holy Elemental is added to its 'Shine' stat, which it uses for various abilities.
Rank 1: For 500 Shine, the Elemental can cure one target by (damage+1000) HP. This can be done multiple times in one action of the elemental has enough Shine. IF this is cast on another Holy Elemental, the first will wink out and transfer its collected Shine to the other.
Rank 2: For 1000 Shine, the Elemental can perform an extra attack this round at half Accuracy. The Elemental does not gain Shine in any round it does this.
Rank 3: For 5000 Shine, the Elemental can use its turn to burn away any status below Terminal on one target. This can be done multiple times in one action if the elemental has enough Shine.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Holy and Light aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: When it hits maximum Shine, the Elemental can crystallize, negating its Upkeep cost but disallowing its Normal Attack. The Elemental can spend 25,000 Shine to completely recover a single target even from death, destroying itself in the process.
All crystallized Holy Elementals remaining at the end of a mission will transform into a single Holy Barrier/Luminastrike/Augmented Casting Accessory of Phazite quality, for 1, 2, or 3 Crystals.

Name: Nova Elemental (Neutral)
A flickering wisp of everything and nothing which exudes pure power. The living paradox of a nonelemental Elemental is as fascinating as any to sage and scientist alike.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They tend to appear as a blank sphere of energy with an indescribably bland color, not quite white, off-white, or gray, but somewhere in there. It constantly gives off short puffs of ring-shaped energy that emanate from its core.
Initiative: 72*Rank
Element: Nonelemental
HP: 3700*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: When struck with an elemental attack, the Nova Elemental's next [Rank] attacks will mirror that element. Elements cannot be 'stored', and will be instantly overwritten if hit by another attack.
Rank 1: The Elemental takes (1/Rank) damage of the same element it currently is.
Rank 2: On a Critical hit, the Elemental deals Moderate Burning (If Fire), Soak (If Water), Freeze (If Ice), Shock (If Lightning), Confusion (If Wind), Petrify (If Earth), Infest (If Plant), Blind (If Shadow/Light), Zombie (If Dark), or Reverse. All last 1d5 Rounds.
Rank 3: When struck with an elemental attack, the Elemental's next attack will be the opposite of that element. Fire<->Ice/Water, Wind/Lightning<->Earth/Plant, Shadow<->Light, Time<->Force, Holy<->Dark
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Nonelemental spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: If struck by a nonelemental, magic attack, the Nova Elemental crystallizes, gaining permanent Reflect Its rank 3 ability still triggers, but it loses its Rank 1 and 2 skills, relying only on normal attacks. By sacrificing itself, it can shift any Nonelemental spell cast by the Summoner to any element.
At the end of the mission, any remaining crystallized Nova Elementals transform into a single Phazite quality accessory, enchanted with ___ Ward if one or SOS Reflect if two. Roll for the element of the Ward.

Name: Thunder Elemental (Wind)
A wind elemental that travels too swiftly may find itself transmogrified into this curious new form. They rarely mind, and are often eager to try out their new abilities. Then other people mind.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. It tends to appear as a spikey-headed yellow creature riding atop a pitch black cloud that ripples with lightning, peering over the side of it.
Initiative: 50*Rank
Element: Wind Afinity III
HP: 3000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: The Thunder Elemental's attacks cause sharp pulses of electromagnetic energy, wreaking havoc on electronics. This deals half the Elemental's damage to the "MP" of a mechanical being or Transhuman. Once it hits zero, Mechanical Augments or passive abilities may start failing at the GMs discretion.
Rank 1: On a Crit, the Elemental heals by the amount of MP it drains. Excess MP is passed on to the Summoner.
Rank 2: On a Divine, the Elemental's attack completely shuts down a mechanical being or a transhuman's augments for one round.
Rank 3: 1/50 the Elemental's MP damage is fed to the Summoner or an allied machine. This ability takes a turn to activate.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Ether/Technomancy spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: If the Elemental reduces a target's MP to 0, it crystallizes, rooting it in place and cancelling its Upkeep cost. It can still make normal attacks on random enemy targets, but cannot use its Rank 1-3 Abilities. Instead, it constantly puts off an aura of EMP.
Any crystallized Thunder Elementals at the end of combat will transform into a battery which acts as a Gamma Ether for any machine.

Name: Water Elemental (Water)
To some, it is a holy thing, blessed and ephemeral as the passing of seasons; to others, it is the harbinger of hard times.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They tend to appear as prisms of floating ice, giving off a cold mist. Curious as the deep, they may also appear as beautiful women made of endlessly flowing water.
Initiative: 60*Rank
Element: Water Affinity III
HP: 3500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1d6+(5*rank)
Special: The Elemental's 'purifying' waters scrub even magic out of objects, dealing 1/10th of the elemental's damage to the target's Magical Soak from armor or accessories. If it reaches zero, it may at the GMs discretion start destroying enchantments placed on those things.
Rank 1: On a Critical Hit, the elemental cancels all buffs on the target.
Rank 2: On a Divine hit, the Elemental cancels all buffs on the enemy party, and inflicts Terminal Soak.
Rank 3: Enhances the Elemental's armor-scrubbing effect to 1/8th per hit.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Water/Ice aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: Enhances the Elemental's armor-scrubbing effect to 1/6th per hit. If a Water Elemental strikes the 'final blow' on a target's Armor, it crystallizes, negating its Upkeep cost until it attacks, which will strike all targets for normal damage, Mild Freeze and Mild Soak. This destroys the Elemental.
Each crystallized Water Elemental remaining at the end of combat will transform into a Remedy Beta.

Level 6 (2-80) (160)
Name: Saint Gestalt (Holy)
A holy apparition created by the faith of many, a Saint can form naturally as the guardian spirit of the specific church that has been around long enough to accumulate that much spiritual pressure. Pulled from the aether by a summoner, it is more likely just a scattering of ghosts that weren't quite holy enough to become Saints alone.

Description: A figure of plain white cloth floating on the breeze. While there doesn't seem to be anything within, the fluttery cloth conforms to a humanoid shape when jostled by the wind or hanging at rest. In rare cases that the cloth crosses the 'head' of the figure, the outline of a nondescript human face can be seen beneath. The sleeves of the robe are always pressed tightly together, and the hood lowered in humble prayer. If summoned by the pious, the creature may take on traits similar to an actual saint of their religion. The Saint smites his or her foes using weapons formed from billowing cloth, which harden to steel when violent intent is necessary.
Initiative: 80*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity III
HP: 3500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s7+(6*rank)
Special: When the Summoner makes a contract with the Gestalt, he picks one other skill that the Saint becomes a 'patron' of. The Summoning skill of the Summoner can be added as an assist bonus to attempts others make that use it, using Spirit. This counts as one of the Summoner's three projects a day, even if the summoner 'helps' themselves this way. If they do so, the assist applies to both of the other two projects they have in that day, and only the Skill bonus is applied.
Rank 1: The Saint can remove a bit of the cloth that makes up its corporeal form, and rest it over the face of a fallen one. This grants the effect of Gentle Repose, preventing the body from decaying, but also prevents the fallen from being revived, as well as having its soul stolen, destroyed, or subverted in any way. This has no effect on damage the target's soul has already taken. One Shroud can exist at a time per Rank of the summon.
Rank 2: Raphael's Love - The Saint becomes the Patron of an Artisan skill; If it is a skill that can create equipment, an Element is chosen as well. Items the Saint helps create can be freely considered Reliquaries of the Summoner's religion, granting 'Strike' or 'Ward' of the chosen element as a natural property if they are equipment, or +500/+100 HP/MP*Rank to healing if they are consumable.
Rank 3: Gabriel's Wisdom - The Saint becomes the Patron of a Magic or Knowledge skill. Spell Learning attempts can be assisted without any bonus to roll, but the Saint's Rank is added to the Levels worth of spells the assisted Mage can learn that week. The Saint passively Assists Knowledge checks made by the Summoner, and can apply itself to Gather Information checks.
Rank 4: Michael's Oath - The Saint becomes the Patron of a Weapon skill. As long as the Saint is called forth, the Summoner adds his or her Summon skill to all attacks made using the chosen weapon.
Rank 5: Saint Gestalts can be combined into a single powerful archon, each additional Saint requiring its full Summoning and Upkeep cost be paid as if it were a seperate entity; The Rank of the Gestalt is increased by one for every additional Saint added, to a maximum of 10.
In addition, choose a Skill supported by the Rank 2, 3, or 4 ability of the Saint. It gains the following enhancement that matches the skill;
OUI Craft - Positive statuses caused or negative statuses cured by the item are increased by +1 Severity.
Equipment Craft - 'Strike' and 'Ward' improved to 'Rend' and 'Barrier'.
Spellcasting - By spending the Saint's turn, The Summoner's Summoning skill is added to the roll result or DC-to-resist of a spell cast in the patron'd school of magic. This effect applies constantly to the Summoner him/herself.
Knowledge - The Crit chance of a Knowledge/Gather Information check made with the Saint's help is enhanced to 20%.
Weapon - The Saint's attacks take on the innate attributes of the Weapon it is the patron of (Notably, a Patron of Knives or Swallows will roll twice when making a normal attack, and a Patron of Fists will roll a 1d3 attack). The Summoner's attacks meanwhile receive a constant -Killer effect as long as they are using the Saint's patron weapon. The type of Killer effect is chosen on hitting Rank 5 and can never be changed.

Name: Pulsework Centurion (Neutral)
”Hey, I think it's coming online...” - Famous Last Words

Description: An ancient but sophisticated bit of golemcraft, the Pulsework Centurion features an unapologetically stark build that makes no attempt to hide its nature as a machine. Its inhuman proportions are boxy but streamlined well enough for easy maneuvering, gunmetal gray and heavy looking. The only sense of adornment comes from a wide collar ringed with spiked diodes, and from that extends a book-shaped head with an ornate mask and a single slit of a visor. Its clunky arms and hands provide enough dexterity for fighting, but it obviously isn't designed for fine manipulation beyond self-maintenance of its six-barreled spike cannon.
Initiative: 83*Rank
Element: Non-elemental
HP: 4750*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), damage +1500. The Centurion has 5+(Rank) shots before it has to Reload, and some attacks use up multiple shots.
Defense Roll: Can't Dodge. Status effects have twice the normal chance of working.
Special: The Centurion can't dodge but takes 1/(Rank) damage from all sources if it isn't Grappled or under a status effect, including Knockdown.
Rank 1: The Centurion gains the ability to perform Called Shots, rolling at -15.
Rank 2: By taking a -10 per extra bullet, up to a maximum of [Rank] or the current number of bullets, the Centurion can attack a single target multiple times. Each shot is rolled seperately, against a single Defense.
Rank 3: Spread Bunker - Rolls 1d(current number of bullets), and strikes that many targets once each. If there aren't enough targets, all enemies are struck and the 'extra' bullets are saved.
Rank 4: Pilebunker - Attacks a single target, rolling 1d(current number of bullets). This empties the Centurion's clip regardless of hit count and Knocks Down the Centurion for one turn.
Rank 5: Pulsebunker - By overloading its power core and pilebunker simultanously, the Centurion sacrifices itself, rolling 2d(current number of bullets) and making a single attack check. These bullets are distributed randomly among the enemy party and the Centurion's Summoner if they are nearby. This attack can fire more bullets than the Centurion currently has loaded, and utterly destroys it when used.

Level 7 (3-285)
Name: Darkmare (Dark)
There are some nightmares you can't just wake from...

Description: A massive, frightfully powerful evolution of the standard Nightmare breed of fiends. An oversized stallion formed of deep purple fog with a crimson mane of crystalline blades. Its hooves and tail are ablaze with Mist, and will-o-wisps of it flutter about its form as if in adoration.
Initiative: 77*Rank
Element: Dark Affinity IV
HP: 4500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Darkmare can be ridden, a powerful but uncomfortable warhorse. Its Athletics and Acrobatics for purposes of running speed and jumping distance are set equal to that of the Summoner's Summon skill if that is higher than the Darkmare's own. The Darkmare can move safely across any terrain but cannot enter hallowed ground or cross through moving water except by jumping it. While riding, the rider can only Block, Brace, or dodge using the Darkmare's defense roll.
Rank 1: Spells cast while riding the Darkmare have their damage increased by [+200*Rank], but the caster takes the extra damage this creates in Dark damage due to the backlash of energized Mist.
Rank 2: [Rank*2] of the rider's Riding skill is added to the Darkmare's attack rolls.
Rank 3: The Darkmare leaves behind a choking miasma of dark Mist when it runs, discouraging pursuers. They can either avoid it, taking a -2*Rank penalty to their pursuit check, or run through it, taking half of the Darkmare's attack damage automatically for every round of chase.
Rank 4: The Darkmare can spend its turn performing cavalry manuevers, to apply its full attack damage to the first hit of any attack the Rider performs. This effect can even be applied to magic, if the MP cost is doubled.
Rank 5: The Darkmare can breathe concentrated Mist into its rider, afflicting them with Mist poisoning, which is equivilant to Mild Phazon poisoning and grows at the same rate. The Mist poisoning persists until 5 rounds after the Darkmare is dismissed or killed. If the Rider dismounts, the 'benefits' of Phazon status fade away, but the dangerous growth toward Corruption continues unchecked until the Darkmare is dismissed.

Name: Pegasus (Holy)
Second only to the Unicorn of lore, Pegasii are noble mounts created by the gods as gifts for their chosen heroes. Crafted by breathing life into a cloud, even young pegasii are as swift as a sunbeam and as strong as the wind. A Summoner can artificially create these, lesser Pegasii through similar means.

Description: A beautiful horse as soft and white as a cloud, with the build and speed of a purebred runner but the strength of a warhorse despite its slender apperance. Two massive white wings sproud from its shoulders, carefully formed so that they can flap without disturbing the rider.
Initiative: 87*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity IV
HP: 4250*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s8+(7*rank)
Special: The Pegasus can be ridden, a speedy and quite frankly very comfortable ride. It boasts standard Flight as the feat, and an Athletics skill equal to the Summoner's Summon skill for purposes of speed. The Pegasus can move safely across any terrain, but will not be too frightened to take any action if the area is strongly unhallowed, devoid of life, or poisonous. It will only fly at full speed toward the nearest 'exit' to the terrible place it has been summoned into. While riding, the rider can only Block, Brace, or dodge using the Pegasus' defense roll.
Rank 1: Spells cast while riding the Pegasus have their cost reduced by 50*Rank. This doesn't apply to Summoning upkeep costs and can't cut a spell's cost by more than half.
Rank 2: The rider's Riding skill is added to the Pegasus's defense rolls.
Rank 3: When the rider makes an attack from the Pegasus' back, it leaves a trail of feathers with a slight headwind. By running through the headwind, any ally for the rest of the turn can add a +3*Rank bonus to hit and +500 to damage.
Rank 4: The Pegasus' chance for a Critical Defense is increased by (Rider's Riding skill)%. On a critical or Divine defense, it can defer its counter attack to the rider, at full benefit in the case of a Divine.
Rank 5: If the rider is slain, the Pegasus will immediately land and sacrifice its life to bring them back to full health. If this is done, the Pegasus spell is un-learned and the spell points refunded. It must be relearned for another Pegasus to be called forth.

Name: Asturian Spellblade (Holy)
They said no normal human could perfectly balance so much knowledge and skill on the head of the pin that is a mortal lifetime. They were right.

Description: While learning clerical arts and sorcery at the same time will strain most minds, some grow bored even with this. These noble few take up the blade as well, honing mind and body into the ultimate weapon for good. While just as old, if older, than their more sagely counterparts, the Asturian Spellblade's body has been honed and fortified by magic of all types, and his chi centered so perfectly that a state of neoteny is achieved. They wear the same ornate robes as the Asturian Court, but over it is a vest of platemail, just heavy enough to protect the vitals. Their eyes glow with purity and wisdom, and while their weapons are as varied as any warrior caste, the heavily enchanted arms are wielded with incredible grace.
Initiative: 82*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity IV
HP: 3500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Spellblade can freely switch between magical and physical on its own turn. While Physical, its attacks deal physical damage, and it enjoys a +3*Rank against physical attacks. While 'Magical', its attacks deal magical damage, and it enjoys a +3*Rank defense against magical attacks.
Books: Holy, Non-Elmenetal, Heat, Cold , Earth, Wind, Light, Shadow, Force and Time
Rank 1: The Spellblade's physical & magical attacks are 1d3 hit combos.
Rank 2: The Spellblade can shift their Element. For each Rank, the Spellblade can learn to shift his element to one of the following; Heat, Cold, Earth, Wind, Light, Shadow, Holy, Force, Time, Nonelemental. The Spellblade takes 50% damage from the element it shifts to, and half of the damage it does becomes the new element.
By 'learning' Holy, the Spellblade gains immunity to Holy and loses its weakness to Darkness when in that form.
By learning 'Nonelemental', the Spellblade takes half damage from Physical attacks, and its own Magic attacks are halved in damage, becoming Unsoakable.
A second version of the Asturian Spellblade contract can be bought at half cost, and can learn different elements than the other. These lists can't cross, however, so be sure to keep them straight.
Rank 3: The Spellblade's weapon gains 6 slots with which to place Enchantments. These apply only to the first Spellblade called for, but are 'remembered' if the creature is dismissed and resummoned. If the Spellblade has an elemental-based Enchantment, it will shift with the use of their Rank 2 ability.
Rank 4: The Spellblade can switch between Magical and Physical instantly at any time. It is effectively considered 'whichever is better' at all times.
Rank 5: If the Spellblade rolls a full magical/physical combo, it immediately performs a physical/magical attack as a Mystic Arte(same damage). This ability can set itself off, chaining back and forth between slashes and blasts up to 5 times.
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