The Room of Forgotten Memories

Information and data about the Room of Forgotten Memories as a whole are kept here, including the Master Index.
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The Room of Forgotten Memories


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Room of Forgotten Memories

A strange light blue cylinder shaped silo in the residential district. On the inside, an octagonal grid of crystal stones makes floor, while the room appears to be entirely empty.

Its function is sort of like an arena system. With the people that have accessed it already, it is loaded with a number of enemies that the Dimensional Warriors have faced in the past. Enemies are run by players in off time. If they win the fight, they win experience the first time, or prizes.

Rumor has it there may be advanced challenges as well...


Some stuff needed to be clarified about the room, so as we go along the GMs will add to this little post the things that need clarifying.

Q. How does the character's health work exactly? Do they come out of the room injured, or is it only simulated pain and injury during the room play and they come out healthy?
A. You're physically exhausted to the point of 1 HP, hence why it doesn't kill you.

Q. How does the One-Hit Challenge work? Is every hit considered an auto-knockout to 1HP, or do you simply take the regular damage for a hit and the simulation ends? For instance, if you have 5000 HP and the one attack that hits you deals 2500, are you dropped to 1HP or only 2500?
A. It just stops the simulation after it hits, you take the regular damage, not reduced to 1hp that one hit.

Q. Does your Simulated Opponent remember you from fighting him/It before?
A. Yes they do.

Q. What exactly does the *10 to all stats in Extreme Mode do?
A. It changes the HP, Damage and Attack. Example Below

HP 1000 it becomes 10,000
Damage Soak: 500 it becomes 5000
Attack Does 1000 damage, does 10000 now
This may be liable to change in the near future.
NOTE: This does NOT multiply the 'to hit' rolls. 1d20+2 stays 1d20+2 instead of 1d50+20.

Q. If two people fight a monster a 2nd time does the two people EACH get a item or is it a one item from one monster?
A. One Item
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