Dimensional War RPG - Doomsday Protocol

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Dimensional War RPG - Doomsday Protocol


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Dimensional War RPG - Doomsday Protocol

Due to recent concerns about the health and longevity of the Sorcery network, it has become prudent and necessary to plan for a contingency in the event of the sudden shutdown of the service. To be perfectly clear, we are not moving at this time, however this is our plan should we need to.

We all hope it doesn't come to this, but by the same token, Sorcery will not exist forever. The website has not existed for over a year, the number of servers (and users) has dwindled to a mere fraction of what it once was. A number of the largest channels on the server have already bailed. It is at least warranted to put our parachute on. Particularly where the cost would be the loss of a community that has lasted 17 years (and counting).

#1: Our secondary home

Our secondary home, at time of writing, is irc.esper.net. The channel structure has been recreated on Esper in its entirety, including OOC room (#dw-ooc), secondary roleplay room (#dw-rpg), and the GM room (#gmmeeting). These rooms will be held by Kefka until such time as they are needed. If this changes, this post will be updated.

#2: Communication Plan

Although we expect Sorcery will be shut down with some amount of notice when the time comes, it is entirely possible that it would simply have the plug pulled, and it isn't without precedent for a major community to disappear over night. If this happens, we will attempt to reach out via the following methods.

Discord (including the DW Discord)
This forum
The emails people have registered on this forum with

#3: Teardown of the Sorcery rooms

Once the rooms have migrated, if Sorcery is still functional at that point, the existing channels will be transitioned to forwarding links indicating the room has moved, closed, and held by Kefka.

The goal is to make sure that we have at least one alternate way to communicate with every member of the room. While we will do our best, it is the responsibility of each member to make sure they have at least one way to receive the information other than IRC.
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