Chapter 4 - Leaving A Scar (Physical/Magical Damage)

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Chapter 4 - Leaving A Scar (Physical/Magical Damage)


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Ok, now that you finally landed a hit, it's time to find out how much you did!

Calculating damage is very easy. Sometimes there are several steps but that's never too hard.

1st: Physical Attack
First, you take into account your Base Physical Damage, which is your Strength Bonus (+1/10 Strength points) * 5.

Example -
Here we have Neven, who has 100 Base Physical Damage and managed to hit with a sword.

His sword has a 10.0 damage modifier. Take 100 and multiply it by the modifier (this case 10) and you get your outcome (in this case 1000).

Every physically hitting melee or ranged midevil weapon follows this.

When using a 'combo' attack, you roll a 1d# of possible attacks. In order to perform a 'combo' attack, you have to have bought the corresponding Advanced Skills under your skill set.

The outcome is the number of hits you land.
Nevon performs his 'Triple Strike' Advanced Skill with the above stats.

<Neven> 1d90+44
<Kefka^^> (Neven) rolls 1d90+44 for: 81(125)
<Neven> 1d80+38
<Kefka^^> (Neven) rolls 1d80+38 for: 47(85)
<Neven> 1d3
<Kefka^^> (Neven) rolls 1d3 for: 3(2)

He deals 2 hits, which totals at 2000 damage. It's important to specify that this is 2 hits of 1000 damage, since physical damage is 'damage soakable' per hit. We'll get into that later, though.

Next up is a ranged attack.

Neven also has a pistol and managed to hit with that the following round.

Ranged weapons (such as guns and crossbows) have a set damage to them. This is because weapons of this nature rely more on themselves rather than their user when it comes to damage.

So, for this case, we will say his gun deals 1000 damage and 4 Controlled Shots, which is how many times he can fire the pistol in a single turn. To see how many shots he was able to fire, a player will roll 1d4, just like a combo attack for melee.

<Neven> 1d80+35
<Kefka^^> (Neven) rolls 1d80+35 for: 69(107)
<Neven> 1d80+38
<Kefka^^> (Neven) rolls 1d80+38 for: 41(76)
<Neven> 1d4
<Kefka^^> (Neven) rolls 1d4 for: 2(2)

With this, Neven shoots his enemy 2 times for 1000 apiece. Again, make sure to specify both total damage and damage-per-hit.

Next, we have Magic Damage

First, you should focus on having your Base Magical Damage ready at all times, just like a physical attacker. However, your BMD formula is a little more complicated than your BPD formula. It is...

5 * ( (Spirit Bonus) + (Arcane Arts Level) )

where Spirit Bonus = +1/10 Spirit points.

We'll go back to Neven, our jack-of-all-trades. He has 100 Spirit and an Sorcery Level of 15.

5 * ( (10) + (15) )
5 * (25)

Neven's Base Magical Damage is 125.

Now, every Spell in a magical arsenal is given a LEVEL. That Level is the spell's Damage Modifier.

Mage level is the second modifier, and is determined by <school level> / 5. So Neven has level 15 in Sorcery. 15/5 = 3, so the Mage level modifier is 3.

Neven has a Level 3 Firaga spell, which is listed on his sheet like:

- Level 3: Firaga - A powerful blast of flame engulfs an enemy. 90 MP

So when Neven casts this spell, he modifies his Base Damage by 3:

125 * 3 * 3 = 1125

And does 1125 points of damage with his spell.

That's it, folks, you're done hitting things!
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