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General and advanced skills that characters can have or learn.
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Skills - Dodge System


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NOTE: The Feat "Dodge Mastery" and the statistic improvement feats "Improved Dodge" DO ADD into ANY of the Dodge Types listed below.


Reduces soaked damage by half. Bracing has no effect on weapons that are considered to be armor piercing (light saber, AP rounds, HVAP rounds)

Damage when braced is calculated as:

Total Damage - Soak - Any other reducers (Protect, Shell, Wall, etc.) = Reduced Damage
Reduced Damage / 2 (Brace) = End Damage taken from HP.


Flat-Foot Dodge
Used when: Caught by surprise
Roll Calculation: Dexterity + ( (Reaction Skill + Any other Dodge modifiers) /2 )
Description: If caught by absolute surprise, your reaction skill divided by 2 can be used as a last ditch effort to dodge.

Used when: Dodging an attack that you see or know is coming.
Roll Calculation: Dexterity + Roll or Jumping
Description: Dive out of the way of an attack. You may opt to simply focus on getting out of the way of an attack, giving you a +5 dodge bonus, but placing you in knockdown status. If jumping is used, you are automatically placed in knockdown status (Jumping off of a bridge/catwalk) unless you possess the 'Jumping::Soft Landing' skill (Level 35).

Athletic Skills (Running/Swimming)
Used when: Appropriate situations
Roll Calculation: Dexterity + Applicable Skill (NOTE: Skill must be at Level 10+.)
Description: You may use your athletic skill to attempt to avoid an attack in an appropriate situation (swimming out of the way of bullets, outrunning an attacker, jumping off of a bridge to avoid an explosion).

Flying (under running)
Used When: Mid-air
Roll Calculation: Dexterity + Running + 10
Description: Flying grants a +5 bonus per 'area' of altitude (maximum of +15) away from the target due to the extra dimension, however any non-mechanical flying target actually hit must pass an endurance roll to remain in the air (DC 10 per 500 points of damage). Any target knocked out of the air may suffer broken bones and damage per area of altitude. Gaining an area of altitude requires a dedicated turn action, but descending to attack is considered part of the attack. Melee attacks done during a dive gain an additional *1 due to force. Ranged attacks from the air suffer a penalty equal to the bonus.


NOTE: Weapons Proficiency Masteries will add into blocking, ON TOP of the above-mentioned Dodge feats.

Martial Arts vs Martial Arts
Roll Calculation: Dexterity + Martial Arts vs. a martial arts attack.
Requires: Any level of martial arts
Bonus: Various martial arts advanced skills. The Reaction Advanced Skills also apply, but the Reaction Level itself DOES NOT APPLY.

Martial vs Anything Else
Not Possible

Melee vs Melee
Roll: Dexterity + Weapons Proficiency vs. a melee-based attack.
Requires: A solid weapon of 5 slots or less (no parrying with an axe).
Bonus: Weapons Proficiency Level, weapon roll bonus, and the Reaction Advanced Skills also apply, but the Reaction Level itself DOES NOT APPLY.

Melee vs Projectile* - Sword vs Bullets
Projectile Skill vs Sword Skill
A: Reaction::Deflection/Weapon level 35/A solid six slot or less weapon (no whip/axe)
B: Force Affinity 2/Weapon Level 15
Bonus: Skill bonus, Reaction::Deflection (+10), +2 (per force affinity level)

Projectile vs Projectile*
Gun roll vs Gun Roll
Requires: Precognition/Reaction level 50
Bonus: Weapons skill

Energy Weapon vs Anything
Energy Weapon skill vs any other skill
Requires: Energy weapon
Special rules: Energy Weapons can only be blocked by gem (or gem lined) weapons, and other energy weapons.

Note 1: Projectile Solid State weapons and gatling guns can not be blocked by traditional means as the amount of ammunition released comes faster than a person could physically move.

Note 2: Projectile versus projectile blocking requires the defending weapon to shoot at least as fast as the offensive weapon (A pistol can not block a submachine gun, a sniper rifle can not block an assault rifle or gatling gun).

Note 3: NO special tactic can block a shotgun.
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