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"Holy" is referred to as the Creation element opposite Darkness, or Destruction. While Holy may sound like something that refers to "higher powers" only, that is far from the case; this element is found in everything that exists, as it once required Holy energy to create something out of nothing to begin with. In addition to simply "making," Holy is also the element of change or mutation; while some Holy is necessary to maintain a balance in the universe, too much Holy energy is just as dangerous as too much Darkness.

There are areas in the universe where Holy energy occurs naturally, springs of creation that help spread the necessary amounts of energy throughout the universe as necessary. These places are absolutely inundated in the energy, and it is here that miracles of creation can be performed. Void, empty nothingness is changed into paradise, the dead are brought back into actual life, and existing life is altered and changed in amazing and sometimes horrifying ways. Organisms of pure Holy energy can be found here, not only as heralded cherubic guardians, but in the form of supernatural wanderers that affect evolution and change across the universe.

Those who are connected to "Holy", due to its regenerative and creative powers, have often become symbols of healing and "divine" power in their areas, some even going so far as to create entire orders to emulate the effects, resulting in powerful guilds, organizations, and even religions of clerics, knights, white mages, and in the modern era, evangelists, monastic orders, and powerful cardinals that rival secular governments. Regardless of era, wielders of creation powers come in many forms and with many varied intentions, and just as often as they are good, are they evil.

People with "Holy" affinity who find themselves under durress will begin noticing unusual, extremely minor changes to the areas around them; leaves will grow the slightest big larger, pieces of broken items will gravitate towards one another to begin a mending process, superficial injuries will scab over, and other such minor, superfluous effects. They will also emanate a warm glow that grows hotter with the level of affinity and proximity, something that will instinctively ward natural creatures away from this unnatural aura, regardless of how "pleasantly warm" it may start out being.

Holy Abilities
I -
  • Access to the Divine Arcana school of magic.
  • Sense Balance - The character is able to sense and locate nearby disruptions of the balance between all of the elements, whether it's Fire/Water, Shadow/Light, or Holy/Darkness. The stronger or larger the disturbance, the easier the character will be able to recognize it. This is a passive ability and does not cost MP unless the disturbance is great enough to drain the character by sensing it.
II -
  • Remand - The character is able to lay hands on a single target and delay status effects indefinitely without harm to him/herself or the subject. This can ward off a character passing through the Death Threshold and slow even Phazon Poisoning without extra infection or spreading, but the character cannot ward off unconsciousness (KO) with it. This effect works on +1 Severity/Affinity Level of negative status effect (Terminal at Level 5).
  • Mandate - The character is able to grant "divine mandate" on him/herself and up to (Affinity Level * 2) allies. This effect grants the Mild "Sharpen" status effect on all actions taken by these targets for (Affinity Level) rounds
  • Benediction - The character is able to exude great amounts of Holy energy into a wide Area. Once per diem, the character can restore (Affinity damage) to all targets within (Affinity Level) Areas in all directions, as well as remove negative status effects at +1 Severity/Affinity Level or below (Terminal at Level 5). Statuses that cannot be removed with this effect will be delayed (Affinity Level) rounds.
  • Reverence - The character exudes a special feeling around him/her that, while not tangible or recognizable on any real spectra, makes other people naturally more open to their suggestion or desires. This allows a character to add his/her (Affinity bonus) to his/her Diplomacy and Gather Information (when dealing face-to-face) rolls. Each time this bonus is used expends level-requisite MP.
IV -
  • Seal - The character is able to place a Holy seal on a single target that exponentially increases his/her curative/restorative magics for a short time. This effect boosts healing/curative magics to 200%, adds 1 target to all curative/restorative abilities/spells, and adds +1 Severity to positive status effects for (Affinity Level) rounds.
  • Tranquility - A creature under the effect of this enchantment enters a state of euphoria. The target treats all creatures as dear friends and abhors violence, but may rise up to protect itself if violence is perpetrated against it. Furthermore, if the creature is interacted with, or questioned while under the effects of this spell, it is considered to be helpful to any questions, though any advice or answers it gives may be disjointed or stream of consciousness due to its euphoric state. This effect is permanent until dispelled.
V -
  • Martyr - The character is able to sacrifice him/herself for the sake of others. Once per diem, the character absorbs the negative status effects of all allies within 1 Area, as well as restores their lost HP by absorbing the difference into themselves (a character who has 3000 HP and has lost 1500 will deal 1500 damage to the caster but be restored to 3000). If this technique places the caster into unconsciousness or beyond the death threshold, it does not do so until all of the characters have been restored to full HP and neutral status. The character only absorbs multiple Families of status effects, and does not increase regardless of how many instances there are of it absorbed. If this spell passes the character into the Death Threshold, he/she uses his/her (Affinity roll) instead of a Survival check to survive the ordeal.
  • Overwhelming Presence - The character exudes a powerful, intimidating spiritual pressure, causing all targets within (Affinity Level * 2) Areas to either pass a Magic Defense check or be magically forced to bow and submit themselves to the caster as if he/she were divine or had similar power over the characters. This effect lasts until the caster's concentration is broken.
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