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At long last! My project has come to its completion. I literally cannot think of a single weapon that isn't represented at least once in the following spritesheets. As the coup de grace, I have written little blurbs for each weapon, explaining their idiosynchrosies if they aren't obvious enough already. Hopefully someone will read them and this effort will be enjoyed by a few.

Full Gallery, with original smaller sprites. Since I figured out how to PROPERLY resize after Swords, there isn't much point in the smaller versions anymore. http://s1065.photobucket.com/user/Foxxy ... %20Sprites

http://i1065.photobucket.com/albums/u39 ... 12d53a.png Enlarged (Slight loss of quality)

- Diamond Saber -
A beautiful but practical weapon immortalizing the final days of the sword on Earth Prime's timeline, before the advent of metahuman capabilities and gem lined weaponry led them to be taken seriously again. The Cavalry Saber was used by ranking officers and horseback soldiers in that far off time, and held likewise as a symbol of status even in the melee-extinction between then and now. The elegant curve and single-edged weight of the saber lends itself well to slicing and thrusting, suiting the diamond edge well.

- Alexandrite Katana -
A wide, single-edged katana with a simple aesthetic. The two colors of Alexandrite used create a good mix of weight and finesse, and painstaking effort was taken in the folding process to keep the gem-dusted metals in line.

- Amethyst Twins -
Short, simple pair of blades with a wide, almost trianguler crosspiece. This sort of weapon is favored by duelists for its swift brandishing and efficiency in stopping blades.

- Aquamarine Dao -
Very heavy weapon with a distinct shape, made of very dense metals. The already impressive heft of the weapon is further enhanced by the addition of rings pierced through the blunt side, allowing for devastating chopping power at the expense of speed. A fine weapon with a history of intricate martial forms belying its brutish offensive nature, it is used for meditation and presentation as much as combat.

- Chyrosoberyl Claymore -
Imposing longsword based on the Scottish Cla'dmore, colloquialized as Claymore. The hale and hearty warriors of the time were among the first to decide that holding a weapon of any size in two hands was for cowards. As were armor and tactics. This particular model has been made slightly more terrifying by the addition of a weave of poisonous barbs, which with the gastly weight of the arm saw through flesh and leave jagged wounds.

- Coral Shortsword -
A short, stocky blade with aquadynamic coral threaded through gaps in the flat, giving it a unique appearance. This, combined with the fin-shaped blade and triangular handle, enhancing the speed of swings underwater, making up for its small size. The broad curve and its jagged tips maximize the size of the wounds inflicted.

- Jade Dancing Saber -
While more beautiful than practical, certain martial forms make good use of this uniquely shaped katana, the vibrant red painting the air with confusing images that make the user hard to pin down.

- Pearl Exorcist -
An esquisite double bladed straightedge bastard sword, usable in one hand due to its hollowed out design. The innate holiness of the pearl as well as its awe-inspiring appearance make it a favorite among battle-clergy and less gentle-minded monks. The broad cross-flanges are more than just pretty too look at however, creating grievous wounds if the weapon is manipulated properly, or simply stabbed into an enemy with sufficient force.

- Topaz Gladius w/ Shield -
Held by some to be the ideal for any shortsword, the Gladius is an ancient weapon originating in Rome, yet the principles that made it fearsome then are still entirely valid. Purely offensive in nature, its small size made it very manueverable. The minimalistic handguard serves only to keep the handle from slipping and add weight to thrusts and stabs. While suitable for chopping, a true master utilizes thrusting, and the Gladius doesn't disappoint. Even superior materials can be pierced like butter by the broad taper of the tip.

- Quartz Rapier -
A weapon with an ancient and literally noble history, favored along with its larger brother the Epee as the weapon of choice for those conducting duels of honor. Favoring lightness and grace over size and strength, the weapon is somewhat fragile, relying on the skill of the wielder to avoid and deflect blocks rather than blocking them. The swishy length of the blade and basket hilt are ideal for such things however, giving unparalleled blade control and grip.

- Emerald Sword -
An entirely conventional sword, yet the most common to encounter for its economic, versatile design. The current general issue weapon of the Dimensional Warriors, along with its shorter and larger variants.

- Sapphire Nodachi -
Seven inches of glimmering blue, only the most patient of folding and the finest of materials make such a weapon viable. This model, however, has both of these things, giving unbelievable cutting power with its graceful curve. The blade bears a sort of zen in its purity, and a well crafted blade of this sword is referred to by blacksmiths as 'pure sharpness'.

- Star Sapphire Zanbato -
The blade of heroes and those with freakish strength, this already massive weapon is enhanced in weight and power by the innate density of Star Sapphire and the metal it affects with its inner power, which borders on radient. Few of these exist in the universe due to the design, impractical to any but the strongest and most skilled, as well as the rarity of the material, which are even more expensive and difficult to smith. It is probably for the best that this is true, because no story of a weapon like this has ever ended in less than disasterous damage.


- Diamond Razors -
An experiment in combining the form of a razor with the miniscule edge of the diamond scalpels used in microbiological laboratories. While effective, the first use of such a weapon degrades its edge severely, making it only 'ridiculously sharp' instead of 'really, truly, incredibly sharp'. That one cut is enough to spill a lot of blood however, and it has become a favorite among assassins, who generally get rid of the weapon afterward anyway. The cut made by this weapon, placed right, can be nearly painless, leading to the unfortunate mark bleeding to death before they even realize how badly they've been hurt.

- Alexandrite Twins -
A pair of synnergized weapons of absolutely equal size and weight, though that size and weight is distributed slightly differently. The right carries more weight in its dense, sharp blade for potent swipes, while the left carries it mostly in the surprisingly sturdy crosspeice, making it excellent for parrying. Either is suitable to be thrown in a pinch, and their inoccuous design makes them easy to wear around all but the most 'cautious' city for self defense.

- Amethyst Kunai -
Very small knives with a distinct shape that makes them ideal for throwing. The aerodynamics and dense, nearly prismic construction carries a lot more pure impact than one generally expects, and the weapon functions nearly as well without tip or blade. The rings on the ends of these allows them to be worn on the fingers and swiped like claws, or even held between them for individual if the wielder is exceptionally talented. There are stories of master users throwing these weapons in such a way that they bounce, or volleying them by the tens.

- Aquamarine Trench Knife -
Somewhat on the large size, the weight and heft of this weapon is mitigated slightly by the snug fit of the knuckles, which are just as viable as weapons to a well trained soldier and almost completely negate the chance of injuring one's hands in a close scrap. The rings that make up this craftsman's signature are, in this case, mostly aesthetic, but they can be used to startle an enemy or distract an animal.

- Chyrosoberyl Maulers -
A pair of thick, sturdy knives with blades that run the full length of the weapon, allowing for guillotine-like punches and various other unique manuevers. The barbs on the weapon are synchopated, with the intention of creating a scissoring motion that is both devastating to tissue and completely impractical to attempt in a real fight. They are excellent however for hunting monsters, which are generally more dim witted and easier to catch in such a complicated manuever.

- Coral Dirks -
A pair of beautiful dirks with slightly different designs, one more suited for stabbing and the other for cutting. They are somewhat impractical, but their ornate shape and twisted coral handles attract use in ceremonial rites or as symbols of office. They are especially beloved by aquatic humanoids, who have created delicate forms that make use of its subtle quirks of design. Some enchant the claw-like coral on the left to grip the ball of coral on the right, adding the versatility of a second form.

- Jade Dancer -
A dramatic single-edged dagger, the velvet-like scarf wrapped tight around the handle but allowed to droop through the hole in the pommel. Due to the minimal size of the dagger, it suffers far less and gains far more from the rhythmic dancing of the cloth on the air, cloaking the actions of the user and making it difficult to keep an eye on the part of the weapon that is actually dangerous. Just as often used by preformers, a fact which assassins that can dance take full advantage of.

- Pearl Camping Knife -
An extremely practical field knife, completely usable in combat but designed to be just as effective harvesting food and valuables from dead beasts and discovered flora, whittling, and various other things one must do in the field. A particularly savage user can use the same sort of techniques on living creatures however, causing great pain or debilitation.

- Topaz Machete -
A rare departure from the manufacturer's dogma of attack and defense. While lacking the finesse of the camping knife it is displayed alongside, it is likewise usable for various things besides killing, such as cutting a path through overly enthusiastic plant life or even downing small trees in a pinch. Its thick construction and simple shape make it extremely low maintanance and long lasting, so it is a favorite among the more rugged outdoorsman.

- Quartz Quatars -
Swift and elegant, the Quatar or Katar are an old assassin weapon hailing from the orient, with a unique design that has them held by the crosspeice between two broad stems that hold it steady to the arm. They function thus as an extension of the hand, and can be used for convention martial arts with a twist. While technically bladed, they are much better for stabbing, and practically worthless for blocking due to their delicate form.

- Emerald Main Gauche -
A simple dagger favored by beginners, duelists, and those that prefer blocking to dodging. The unique handguard is designed to catch blades, especially thin ones such as rapiers, hence the alternate name 'Swordbreaker'. It is usually held in the offhand, with a sword or another dagger in the primary to take advantage of the moments of time this buys. The veracity of the weapons ability to actually break swords was questionable, but Gem materials make it completely possible.

- Sapphire Cutlery -
A set of... Odd weapons, small but potent and deadly in the right hands. Innocuously disguised, perhaps as some cosmic joke, as forks and butterknives that any noble would sell their mother to have on their table, they are nonetheless extremely sharp and far more dangerous than they look.

- Star Sapphire Chef's Knife -
A simple but effective weapon, its primary wielder even more feared. Star Sapphire takes the ancient secrets of Tonberry forging and applies them to a far superior material than the cast iron they favor, creating a versatile weapon that can stab, slash, dice, and julienne fries with the best of them. It is still technically a chef's knife, and can be used in the preparation of food, though this must be done carefully for the risk of injury to oneself. Lose control, lose a finger.


- Diamond Lance -
The default form of the spearhead, its width serving only to put weight behind a broad taper of sharpness. Tiny diamonds embedded in the sides ease its path through flesh and serve to widen the relatively small, if very deep, wound spears are known to make. A lengthy, haft makes for a surprising amount of impact, and allows the user to trip foes and block incoming blows with greater ease.

- Alexandrite Eagle Claw -
A far more practical way to double the number of spears you have than trying to control two at once. Named for a Japanese style that utilizes such a double-headed weapon, the somewhat thick haft required to house two blades, along with the weight of two blades behind each thrust, makes for especially heavy blows. Both tips are sharp all the way down as well, allowing for a single swift spin to manifest numerous strikes.

- Amethyst Javelins -
Simple, short spears that are generally used at range rather than up close, as well as their famed use in the Olympics of earth and various comperable competitions throughout the galaxy. The form that maximizes thrown distance, if perfected, is found to be strange beautiful by many, an expression of total synnergy of the entire body found in few other motions.

- Aquamarine Halberd -
A uniquely shaped halberd with great sweeping blades rather than the standard axehead, allowing for guillotine-like thrusts of the short, weighty weapon. The crescent also makes for exceptionally potent downward strikes when utilized by the fabled Jump attack of the Dragoons in all their many incarnations throughout Gaian history. The rings add still more weight, and their inertial jostle at the end of a strike gets that tiny extra momentum that can be the difference between a broken heart and a slightly less fatal wound.

- Chyrosoberyl Tribal Spear -
A spiteful weapon, the hollowed out haft filled with poison that slowly drips from the end of each barb. All but lacking a proper 'head', the weapon relies instead on glancing, raking blows to unprotected areas, or that the target be unarmored completely. A piercing strike that manages to get through will create a deep, terrible wound and maximize exposure to whatever horrible thing the spear as been filled with.

- Coral Trident -
A weapon that rose to prominance from a simple fish-sticker to one of divine importance, due to the belief that the Greco-Roman god of the sea used one. The trident is almost synonomous with the martial forms of aquatic sentients. This one, carved of coral, doubles up on this aquatic affinity and is much sought after by mer-clerics and those that still doggedly worship Poseidon.

- Jade Dancing Spear -
A dramatic weapon that makes especially good use of its trailing ribbon, its wielders intentions further obsfucated by the weapon possessing a tip, a blade, and a flat wide enough for bashing. This and the natural flourishability of the staff leads to entrancing styles consisting of a dizzying barrage of feints, ending in a one in three chance of knowing just how the wielder intends to hurt you. It is said that a true master can form a circle of crimson and stab through the center in one motion.

- Pearl Harpoon -
A modernized distant cousin of the trident, at least in that it is used primarily underwater. Its sleek design maximizes aquadynamics, allowing it to glide through the water whether shot from a hydraulic gun or simply through. The chain looped through the haft can be reeled back in, whether the other end is attached to said gun or just wrapped around the wrist. Aside from being thematically appropriate, the addition of a large pearl disrupts the water around it like a duck's wing disturbs air, allowing the following mass to travel through less resistance.

- Topaz Spartan -
Pragmatic, minimalistic, well... Spartan, in design, this simple spear utilizes the same design as the Gladius to maximize piercing strength, while being light enough to wield one handed. The ancient 'phalanx' formation, equipped thus, was the world's first tank, a mobile wall of sturdy shields from which a jabbing spear could emerge with shocking suddenness.

- Quartz Umbrella -
An inconspicious weapon utilized by assassins, nobles, and foxes. Foxes..? Short and sturdy, it carries the added utility of keeping rain and sun off one's head. What else can be said? It's an umbrella.

- Emerald Pike -
The standard weapon among footmen in olden times, this extremely long polearm has been modified with a curved backlash helpful in disarming , while the standard extra-long haft provide the precious advantage of reach even against other spearmen. A common trick used by lines of pikemen was to dig the haft into the ground and level it towards a charging cavalry.

- Sapphire Wave Spear -
A bizarre ceremonial polearm with a peculiar, zig-zagging head and a thick, barely pointed other end assumably for clubbing.
It is completely nonsensical, and only saved from uselessness by virtue of being made from Sapphire-dusted metal.

- Star Sapphire Solar Winds -
A breathtaking weapon with a branching motif. The relative tininess and centralized nature of the active portion of the weapon makes for great efficiency in spreading the power of the Star Sapphire through it. Indeed, the head was made very large and ornate to maximize this power. The curious design also provides plenty of cutting power in addition to thrusting. The branching blades provide a scissoring motion to nearly any strike.


- Diamond Wand -
A small, simple wand focussing the power of the wielder through the diamond in the tip. Particularly good for beam and ray spells, which seem that much more concentrated in such a way. The glimmering jewel also serves as a focus for aiming, and in desparation, a rather hard surface to beat against an enemy skull.

- Alexandrite Twincaster -
An odd wand that was popular a while back due to the urban legend that spinning it would generate mana. It is still a high quality magical instrument however, and especially beloved by tricksters and chaos mages who don't mind shooting from the hip so to speak.

- Amethyst Broom -
The classical favorite of witches, and the classical least favorite of those that insist that witches don't actually do that. This one has regardless been lovingly crafted from high quality Amethyst and enchanted with magical properties, rendering it usable as a channel for spells. An amusing tale circulates of an amateur witch who accidentally channelled a spell through the wrong end, resulting in, depending on the teller, either unnatural cleaning ability, or a hellish barrage of thousands of needles of magic.

- Aquamarine Bengali Staff -
A simple staff made of highly polished, burnished ebony and ringed with numerous heavy Aquamarine rings inlaid with metal. The magical properties of the gem and a secret incantation laid over them renders the wood as hard as steel but as lithe as itself, making for a potent weapon. The unusually distributed heft of the weapon lends itself well to inertia and spinning staff arts, while the broad head on each end is clearly made for smashing.

- Chyrosoberyl Generator -
Perhaps the source of the urban legend regarding the Twincaster, the aptly named Generator staff indeed generates a backflow of mana into the hand of the wielder. This is only prompted however by the channeling of magic power through it, and the rate of return is so low that it barely matters.

- Coral Oar -
A boat oar that has been, for purposes none could hope to fathom, wrapped in coral and enchanted with the crashing power of an ocean wave. Perhaps the gambit of some wizard or monk that read the vaunted tale of Musashi. Perhaps the last hope of a shipwrecked enchanter to survive in a hostile land. The world may never know.

- Jade Banner -
An imposing, authoritative staff that doubles as a banner, often personalized with the crest of the wizard or warrior that holds it. The original was said to possess an innate link with its master, allowing them to cast spells through it no matter the distance, as long as it was planted in the ground and upright, but this enchantment has been lost to time.

- Pearl in Bloom -
A staff favored by druids and clericsthat lean toward the aquatic, its many pearls providing plenty of holy power as well. Its appearance, while less eye opening than many Pearl weapons, has a poetic sort of beauty to it befitting its artful name.

- Topaz Tengu Fan -
A juxtoposition of Japanese and Grecian culture, consisting of a steel-bladed fan, or Tessen. Open, it is useful a martial weapon to one who knows the exotic form required, but closed, the jewel on the end of each rod clasp naturally together to form a single stout staff, which likewise is excellent for blocking. Both the markings on the blades and the combined form of the jewel depict the fabled pet owl of Athena, which served as her symbol.

- Quartz Spiral -
A whimsical staff favored by lighthearted mages or those that often entertain children. Its bizarre and delicate shape would seem to make it nearly useless, but enchantments placed on the massive crystal lining the inner, central spiral provide a hefty shock of pure concussive force, if the mage decides to be less light hearted or gets tired of entertaining children. It is a weapon to be taken seriously. If you can take it seriously.

- Emerald Quarterstaff -
A simple staff of fine, hefty oak shod in metal and bejeweled with magical Emerald. Slightly shorter than a human is tall, it is simple to use, and relatively simple to obtain. It is unassuming and wieldy enough that some simply carry one as a walking stick.

- Sapphire Windcaller -
An odd staff that whistles when swung or spun due to grooves cut through the center at intervals, giving the weapon a distracting form of psychological attack as the weapon rises eventually to a howl. Its aerodynamic properties also synnergize it nicely with wind magic.

- Star Sapphire Starfeller -
Its already potent inner magic stirred and awakened by enchantment, the Starfeller sits king of the staves in terms of both practical striking and the focusing of magic, even the simplest spell erupting from the great bejeweled head with a shock of darkness and a flurry of star-like sparks. While rather stubby for such a potent weapon, a twist of the center causes the weapon to extend in both directions, nearly doubling its size.


- Diamond Greathammer -
An unusual combination of elegance and brute force, the diamonds embedded in the head of this great metal monstrosity lend their hardness and focus the full weight of the weapon, nearly all in the head, into smaller points. For a moment, at least.

- Alexandrite Tonfas -
Ancient weapons that saw adapted use even in the pre-gem era for their efficiency, versatility, and defensive value. Tonfa allow for extremely varied attacks, as they can be held and utilized by any of the three rods. They are especially great at blocking with a natural motion, and are favored by martial artists for their flow with the body. The artful motions of their wielding inspire dance as well as ceremony in many cultures.

- Amethyst Mallet -
A comical mallet that is much less funny to be struck with. Designed to be underestimated, its form is based on the "hyperspace mallets" that anime women pull from seemingly nowhere in response to anything from perverts to bad jokes. The average ability to keep weapons in a pocket dimension is of course far below what would be required to house this massive thing, though.

- Aquamarine Kanabo -
A fearsome weapon favored by onis, though this kind is... Slightly lighter. Matching the quick temper and simple mentalities of the race that invented them, this or any Kanabo is simplicity itself, working on the most basic tao of war possible: Hit them really, really hard. The size of the 'striking' portion of this weapon channels an ungodly amount of force, assisted in this particular model by the weight of rings that swing freely in their sockets.

- Chyrosoberyl Punisher -
While no less a weapon than any other, the design of this slender club lends itself more to inflicting pain than causing injuries. Dipped in poison, however, and swung properly, exposure to the toxin is maximized by following the initial strike with a slight push or pull to rake the barbs along the newly tenderized area.

- Coral Caveman -
Amusingly named for its simplicity compared to other Coral weapons, the neolithic philosophy of maximizing force is still alive and well in this somewhat graceless weapon. While a perfectly effective club, its real power comes not with great skill but with great luck, as the naturally occuring spikes of sea-hardened coral have a curious tendency to strike vulnerable areas, channelling all that gathered force abruptly into one small spot.

- Jade Dancing Hammer -
Presented with the challenge to incorporate his trademark into a weapon type that couldn't be farther from graceful, the craftsmen sprang into action and spent weeks trying various locations for his beloved scarlet cape to hang from. While some argued that his final draft was cheating, and didn't really match the tone of other weapons, the addition of the parachute-like banner did have the unintented side effect of carrying some of the hammer's weight when swung sideways.

- Pearl Mace -
A small, light mace that is nonetheless very very hard hitting due to its serendipitous use of a single giant pearl as a head, with its light-touched metal flanging off in various directions to add spike to the strike. The natural hardness forged by layer upon layer, in a way no man could replicate, serves even better here than anywhere else.

- Topaz Stunner -
A modern adaption of the Tonfa, with a longer, thinner rod, the nightstick is a mainstay of peacekeeping forces for reasons both practical and psychological. In extremely dangerous areas, however, where even the average policeman is expected to fight like a soldier, the Stunner is the weapon of choice for its build in shield and taser combination, giving up some of the 'balance' of the tonfa in exchange for even greater defense in one and a shocking surprise in the other.

- Quartz Maul -
A hammer with a single great spike in the very middle, for the penetrative power of a pick with all the pure bludgeoning goodness of a hammer. The use of quartz in particular for this spike is excellent, as in the moment where the rest of the hammer comes down on the point of the gem, destructuralizing resonance is put off directly into the target, whether it be man or building.

- Emerald Club -
The simplest form a club can take, a wrapped handle leading to a flared out, vaguely round-topped head. The first of all weapons, assumably, and still a good one, though its lack of flair make sit unpopular among anyone strong enough to use a melee weapon in this day and age.

- Sapphire Mace -
A slightly larger mace, making use of flanged blades instead of points to put the heavy weight of the head to better use. The 'claw grasping gem' aesthetic of the pommel is both attractive and useful, allowing for a jarringly potent axe-handle smash that puts a lot of force into a very small area.

- Star Sapphire Titan Percussive -
While the name is a joke, referencing the fact that the weapon looks like a doctor's percussive mallet, the weapon is very much not, bringing the great density of Star Sapphire to its finest use yet: Smashing. And in the opposite head, piercing with inexorable force. Like a doctor's mallet, it can also be used to test reflexes: If your target is dead after you swing it, their reflexes weren't good enough.


- Diamond Guillotine -
An axe with a single massive head, the blunt lined with heavy gold and gems while the blade is decorated by three well placed diamonds, maximizing the slicing power of the curve. Aptly named, this model is very popular among cultures that still practice decapitation as corporal punishment, as it doesn't take any particular skill to quickly, painlessly, and relatively cleanly remove a head.

- Alexandrite Doubleaxe -
The weapon of madmen. Very strong madmen. The double axe is a favorite weapon of dwarfkind, but it also sees use by those with the rare combination of great strength and great grace required to wield such an unwieldy creation.

- Amethyst Throwing Axes -
Slender, relatively small, and slitted for aerodynamic flight, throwing axes are the favorite thrown weapon for those with the talent to judge the axiomatic spin of their flight and the strength to hurl them any particular distance. This particular pair are joined by a chain, which can be removed or switched to a longer or shorter one for various purposes, whether it be simply a place to catch an enemy weapon, advanced control of the weapon in flight even at relatively long range, or as an impromptu grappling hook.

- Aquamarine Battleaxe -
A huge, double headed axe, the rings in the top eerily like eyes staring at you, at least until they spin one way or the other. The circular pressure placed on the outer blade by these four emplacements serve to multiply chopping power and occaisionally to catch an unwary enemy's thrust of a rapier or polearm, the ensuing spin of the rings trapping it in place to be wrenched away.

- Chyrosoberyl Tomahawk -
A barb-laced reimaging of the tomahawk of native american fame, the simple edge of this weapon and almost total lack of weight on the opposite side make for strong axiomatic force, making the weapon excellent for throwing or spinning despite its bulk. While the blade isn't very sharp, its weight serves to sink the innumerable barbs in deeply, like a dozen tiny picks.

- Coral Trihawk -
A bizarre weapon crafted of coral, the segmented blade serving to 'catch' water like a diving osprey's wings catch the air, enhancing the weapon's arc speed through water, at the expense of making it somewhat wobbly to those who lack the strength or skill to control the outside forces acting on it. Since each blade is relatively light and the grip of coral impedes chopping, it is mostly meant for slicing in a wide path.

- Jade Dancing Axe -
Standing on the border between axe and scythe, the curious design of this weapon lends itself well to surprising backhanded attacks, and can also be used to hook an opponent's weapon. This can be especially surprising to an enemy who hasn't seen the small gap between blade and handle, hidden normally by the banner hanging from it. Like all dancing weapons, it is of course also a favorite of showoffs.

- Pearl Hatchet -
Far more practical than it looks, this outdoorsman's tool is excellent for chopping wood, digging holes, slicing meat, and various other field tasks due to its combination of an incredibly hard blade, the weight of the giant pearl in the head, and its hollowed out aesthetic which minimizes the friction encountered by the sides of the blade. The blunt inner claws of the back edge can be used to grapple enemies, trap man and beast alike, or herd unruly animals. Despite its lightness, it can down a tree in short order, and because of its lightness, it flies exceptionally far when thrown.

- Topaz Guardaxe -
An attempt to capture the spirit of attack and defend in an extremely offensive weapon, its thick, squareish head combines with the replacement of its back head with a simple, thick rod meant to take incoming blows. While an excellent weapon, the effectiveness of this 'shieldpick' is questionable, with some claiming it detracts too much from offense and others swearing by it.

- Quartz Warpick -
A simple weapon, due to the perfection of the material in doing exactly what a pick does already. The handle and extra metal around the head serve solely to increase the weight of what is already a perfect shape. High end models come with a vibration pack, causing the pick to strike with a destabilizing frequency, but this is impractical in combat models and more common in construction or mining tools.

- Emerald Battleaxe -
Arguably a close third to the club and spear, the simple addition of a heavy blade served well until the blossom of variety that came with the metal ages. This single handed axe takes that simplicity to heart, offering nothing more than a sturdy, leather wrapped haft and plenty of blade for your buck. It is still a favorite of brigands and simpletons that have the strength to bear it with ease but not the skill for more subtle arms.

- Sapphire Flanged Axe -
A simple but elegant and effective design, creating a windcutting aerodynamic with the spaces etched out of its broad head. The flanged back end sports not only a pair of cutting heads, but a blunt space between them for disorienting slams and unexpected disarmament. The great weight of the hind end translates well into blows made with the main blade.

- Star Sapphire Galaxe -
Plenty of cutting power to go around, literally. The relative centralizing of the blade the axe carries over the sword makes full use of the gem's miraculous potency, and the great density the material imparts allows for a well balanced weapon despite the massive head and thin haft. The perfect roundness of the blade all but ensures damage will be done with every swing, and a lot of it.


- Diamond Switch -
A short, thick strap of thick, hardened leather ending in several small diamond shards. Rather than being cracked, the intent is to simply swing the razor-like tip to create a thin but potent arc of destruction. Still long enough for grappling and tying.

- Alexandrite Flail -
Lovingly nicknamed the Jester, this cheerfully colored weapon is no joke. The heavy balls at the end of stout but flexible chains allows for a huge amount of inertia to be built up by spinning the weapon a few times before striking. This makes it an excellent weapon for those that lack the muscle mass to use a mace.

- Amethyst Cat'o Nine -
The customary impliment of naval flogging, the cat'o nine still sees use in modern militaries to keep sailors in line until the discipline builds up within. Or keep pirates in line indefinately. While the central, main whip is sturdy and sharp enough to deal severe damage to tissue, the rest mostly serve to distract and annoy, leaving very thin wounds and welts, if that.

- Aquamarine Bladerings -
Numerous bladed rings, four small and one large, attached to a bluntsided control ring large enough to hold comfortably or put one's hand through. An excellent and versatile weapon, good for keeping enemies at a distance or moving in close to grapple and strike with the many leather tendrils. Advanced users can spin the control ring on their wrist, creating a wide area of threat to keep enemies at bay.

- Chyrosoberyl Scorpion -
A whip of normal length, but of stiff, thick leather headed with a viciously curved stinger. While slightly too inflexible to crack, it is excellent for grappling, as the barbs dig into flesh and hold tight in a way that dissuedes struggle. Mastery of the curious texture allows for swift strikes of the stinger befitting the weapon's name, but the weapon is otherwise limited to simply striking with the length.

- Coral Triwire -
A triple headed flail mounted on a unique monofiliment crafted from seaweed and mother of pearl. While difficult to control, mastery of the weapon creates a stinging cloud of attacks, and the thinness of the wires combined with the weight of the coral mounts makes for an excellent grappling hook or restraint, lashing out and grabbing from several different directions.

- Jade Yoyo -
A heavy gold yoyo equipped with retracting blades and mounted on a crimson string. The string changes shade slightly halfway up the length, and a reader in the 'spool' detects this subtle change, causing the blades to snap back into the wheel in time for the weapon to be caught. Still somewhat dangerous to use, it is favored by the very skilled, who value its innocuous appearance, and the very childish that have mastered the mundane yoyo, who enjoy shooting the moon to murderous results.

- Pearl Fishing Pole -
Another in the line of Pearl sporting goods, this one came to be a weapon quite by accident. It is for all intents simply a deep-sea fishing rod, until a very clever or very bored fisherman realized that he could create a very unique whip-crack by mimicing the motions used in fly fishing. The spool utilizes a latent magic, as the string is sucked into a pearl inside it as the reel is cranked.

- Topaz Nunchaku -
One of many farming tools that would eventually become a weapon, the Nunchaku were used in the Samurai age of Japan to knock rice off of stalks by swinging in a circular motion. Farmers of the day learned to use them as weapons when came time to revolt. Relatively young and obscure as weapons, they enjoyed a sudden increase in popularity thanks to their use by legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. Properly mastered, nunchaku are extremely hard to predict, though this can apply to the user as well.

- Quartz Energy Whip -
A curious form of whip consisting of a single long, thin filament embedded with innumerable tiny crystals. This filament is very strong, but rather useless as a weapon until energized.. The energy flowing through forms a sheath of potent, burning energy, and stiffens the otherwise limp string enough to be properly cracked. Which has the interesting but useless side effect of throwing off a small amount of the energy sheath, which dissipates too quickly to be of any use.

- Emerald Bullwhip -
A very long whip divided into segments, the first two thirds thick and flexible with the last thin and very stiff, maximizing the crack into what is more or less a swinging blade. 'Salting' the leather is a favorite tactic among inquisitors and demon hunters, imbuing the leather with the qualities of the salt which many forms of demon detest.

- Sapphire Crop -
A whip with a very long haft and a slightly shorter length of leather, though still plenty long to use properly. While conventionally used to control animals, the higher angle of the whip in motion can be a boon if one learns to use it properly, allowing for attacks that are difficult to block and carry more force. The greater ease of cracking is maximized by the twin crackers on the end of the bifurcated length.

- Star Sapphire Spiral Arm -
Though even the strongest whip is subpar in terms of causing destruction, the Spiral Arm carries other virtues. The density imparted by the magic of the gem allows for a thinner, more supple leather without losing weight or hardness. To be bound by this whip, no more than half an inch wide, is like being shrouded in chains. The weight compared to thickness also gives it a certain level of cutting power even without a proper crack.


- Diamond Catclaws -
While frowned upon by some martial artists, these bladed knuckles are beloved by the more pragmatic that are tired of banging their fists against armor to no avail. While thin, which is a fine thing for their usability, the diamond tipped claws are stronger than they look, more than enough to tear thin ruts in even the strongest armor. And thin ruts is all it takes... True to their name, these claws leave distinctive wounds, four very long, tightly grouped scratches. Though a touch deeper than a housecat leaves.

- Alexandrite Gloves -
A simple pear of leather gloves, reinforced inside and out with metal and gem plating. While they add a certain weight and hardness to one's punches, like any glove, they mostly serve to protect the hands of the wearer and allow them to use their maximum strength on each strike.

- Amethyst Dusters -
Personal protection wear for those who have martial training, but want that extra kick when they're about town. Knuckle dusters, and their inventive cousins, foot dusters can be easily concealed under clothing and brought out when the time for justice has come. The addition of matching greaves is seen as more than worth the slight loss of protection to keep the costs down.

- Aquamarine Gauntlet -
A massive gauntlet that covers the arm all the way to the elbow, where a thick stone of aquamarine awaits. Extremely weighty and very thick, it can be used to block swords and axes as well as any sword or axe could, and the fact that they don't come in pairs is a testament to the confidence of the manufacturer that it will only take one good punch.

- Chyrosoberyl Graspers -
A pair of thin gauntlets that go halfway up to the elbow, well placed plates from which sharp barbs emerge allowing one to block effectively. The main advantage to this style however, is in grappling with a foe. The blades on the arms make for up close and personal raking attacks that are as surprising as they are dirty, while the smaller barbs on the hands ensure a solid grip.

- Coral Fins -
A curious bit of swimwear,microfiber webbing between each finger is easily stretched wide enough to catch water, yet strong enough to move it without giving in. The fins on each wrist likewise assist in cutting through, making them an excellent choice for that shark punching expidition you've been planning. The fins are also bladed in a more conventional sense, and several new styles have popped up to utilize the unique placement in aquatic combat situations.

- Jade Bracers -
A pair of complicated gauntlets worn around the wrist and halfway up the elbow, with the handle grasped for a third point of stability. While they make fine manipulation with the hands a chore, they give excellent stability, and those that get used to the weight can fight as well in them as out of them. The bladed sides make for a nasty surprise in fisticuffs, while the banner (worn behind the back when the bracers are donned) proclaims your excellence.

- Pearl Utility Gloves -
A pair of simple, practical gloves that are just as good for weeding the garden as they are for knocking out that Mandragora in your garden. The hard pearls make for curiously focused but still blunt strikes, not to mention a monstrous backhand, while mother-of-pearl grips on the pads of the hand and fingers ensure a strong grip.

- Topaz Cestus -
Attack and defense for the avid fisticuffer, these gloves surprisingly weigh exactly the same, only a difference in airflow differentiating each hand when worn. The buckler on the back of the offhand and the near-club on the back of the main are both supported by a series of straps wrapped up the arm when they are donned, making them feel lighter than they arm.

- Quartz Resonance Dusters -
Quite simply, four quartz crystals barely bound together by strands of metal. The one held in each hand increases the payload of one's punches, while the one on the outside adds incredible hardness to each strike. The metal bands holding each in place are chiseled into natural points of resonance, converting the equal and opposite reaction of each strike into a shock of disruptive energy, weakening armor just long enough for the force to go through.

- Emerald Gauntlettes -
Simple, plated leather gloves that go most of the way to the elbow and cinch nice and tight to minimize awkwardness of the extra weight. They do all the things gauntlets are supposed to do.

- Sapphire Dragonclaws -
A pair of fingerless gloves, on the back of each mounted four large claws. The differing angles of the claws allow for scissoring strikes as well as cutting ones, and are sturdy enough to catch a weapon between them with enough skill. While clumsy and obvious, their ability to jab through armor is more than worth it to someone that doesn't bother to make it subtle.

- Star Sapphire Powered Gauntlets -
Full sized gauntlets, each easily larger and heavier than the Aquamarine and covering all the way to the shoulder. They would be more or less impossible to move your fingers in, if not for the internal workings that passively assist the subtle motions of the arms. Each arm becomes a library of weaponry, from the wrist-mounted blades to the taser on the palm of each hand and the repulsor generator built into each knuckle. High end models even include mounted projectile weaponry or extending energy blades, not that a true martial artist will need them.


- Diamond Tether -
A very simple weapon composed of a diamond-impregnated wire, attached on one end to a bracelet such that it hangs loose enough to spin but not loose enough to fall off. On the other end, a simple weight of gold and gem. While the weight can be thrown, this is little more than annoying, and the true function of the weapon is to get said weight swinging rapidly in circles, before striking with the wire itself. Grasping the weight in the other hand can also allow one to simply use it as a garrote.

- Alexandrite Sansetsukon -
An exotic weapon, colloquially referred to by the uncreative but accurate name of 'three sectioned staff'. The chain can be pulled taught with a twist of the middle one to form a proper staff, or left loose for use as an even more demanding version of the nunchaku. Like most exotic weapons, it is hard to use but extremely dangerous in the hands of a master.

- Amethyst Smile Launcher -
A rocket launcher crafted for teenage girls in one of the more embarassing corporate-political gaffs in business history. Intended to ease the innocent into a life of dimensional warfare with impossible to comprehend forces, it was still a monumentous failure and a great many of the weapons are still on clearance stock in a warehouse in uptown Boston.
That said, it is still pretty much a rocket launcher. Assuming the ability to swallow pride, it's a remarkably dangerous weapon.

- Aquamarine Vagyuu -
A massive, oversized shuriken that is gripped by the flat, nonbladed sections on the back of each blade, where it can be swung like any weapon or thrown with a great heave of strength. The ring centralizes the weight in the center, making it fly surprisingly well for its size, though it takes a picture-perfect throw for the weapon to come back.

- Chyrosoberyl Buzzsaw -
Not quite a knuckle, but not long enough to be considered anything else, this curious weapon was likely designed to be some sort of industrial tool before being supplanted as an extremely brutal killing device. It consists simply of as pinning blade held between two plates, the bottom of which is attached to the back of a glove. Versions utilizing magnetically-trapped plasma are also common.

- Coral Waterthrower -
A flamethrower crafted of coral, it was decided for the sake of common sense to fill it with something else. In this case, extremely sandy, acidic water that is sprayed at hurricane force. While many models relied on one tank of "ammo" and one tank of propellant, this one simply keeps both under very high pressure. It can be loaded with many other things, provided one can get them into the can at the required pressure, which requires a special filling nozzle.

- Jade Bolas -
Invented in Australia, an island on Earth that is at least as dangerous as Tuchanka, the Bola is a surprisingly low-key but still very effective weapon, whether for subduing or killing. It consists simply of three cords, weighted at the end. Swung around the head and thrown correctly, the weights fan out to form a rapidly whirling triangle, with all three weights snapping around the target on impact. Depending on the size of the weights, ranging from simple knots to metal spheres, and how well they are thrown, this can result in anything very tangled legs to a snapped neck.

- Pearl Scythe -
Another tool-turned-weapon, the Scythe consists of a long, shallowly curved crescent blade attached to a crooked pole with two handles sticking out of it at right angles. This ungainly setup is more practical than it seems, allowing one to put maximum force behind each strike. The motions one can make with such a weapon are very stiff, but it doesn't matter much considering the monstrous cutting power behind each huge stroke. The mostly-hollow shaft of this specimen puts nearly all of the weight at the end of the weapon, even further increasing that power.

- Topaz Chakram -
An ancient Indian throwing weapon that ranges from very small to very large and from very simple to very ornate. This one carries a sun motif and edges on the farthest reach of 'very ornate', the usable portion consisting of four blades, while the weapon can be grasped either by the cross in the middle, for defense, or the unbladed segments at the corners, to be thrown or swung. Typical Chakram though have only one handle, and are simply a bladed ring of varying size and weight.

- Quartz Lightsaber -
'An elegant weapon for a new era'. The Lightsaber is the trademark weapon of the Jedi Knights, and their dark counterparts the Sith. While many offshoots have come to be over the years, lightstaves, light daggers, and even lightwhips, the original and true Lightsaber maintains a place of distinction for its versatility and balance. While Lightsabers could previously only be focused through certain types of gem, modern gemsmithing arts have been able to cut typical gems into just the right shape to channel the intense energy without harm. Through this secondary focusing, the beam can be made more and more intense, either wider and wider or more and more focused.

- Emerald Swallow -
One of the more commonly seen 'exotic' weapons, the Bladestaff earned it's nickname 'Swallow' for reasons unknown, though it may have somehow echoed from the peninsula of El Nido near Guardia, as this is the only place it was previously known by that name. Difficult to master but powerful in the right hands, it combines the rapid attack possiblities of a twin weapon with the deft versatility of a sword. Pictured here is a simple version for beginners, with a small, single edged blade on each end and plenty of haft, along with crossguards on each side just in case.

- Sapphire Bat'Leth -
A traditional Klingon weapon which is nearly 100% blade, graspable only by three unsharpened points wrapped in cloth, paper, or whatever else the traditions of the tribe allow. Somewhat thicker and shorter than the traditional form, this one was made by a human as part of a cultural walkabout to learn martial forms of nonhuman races. Even with these modifications, the unfortunate fellow found it nearly impossible to use it without hurting himself. A proper Klingon warrior wielding one, however, is nothing short of terrifying, and you would almost rather fight one with a phaser.

- Star Sapphire Nova Duet -
The absolute height of power and grace coexisting in a single weapon, the fabled gunblade. This esquisite model is amazingly expensive and nearly impossible to come by, for much the same reasons as the Zanbato listed above, but even more intensely true. With a properly timed strike and a pull of the trigger, a tremor of force is put through the blade, vibrating it violently at a high frequency and wavelength that promises terrific destruction. One of the most difficult weapons in the universe to master, but so worth it..


- Diamond Bow -
A simple bow. The hardness of diamond has little place but decoration in a bow, unfortunately, and there isn't much for it. The innate magic still flows into the metal though, giving it a small edge.

- Alexandrite Compounder -
A curious prototypical compound bow, utilizing two bows of matching size attached to the same thick string to theoretically double the pull weight. It works well enough, but was proven less efficient than standard compounding of materials.

- Amethyst Autocrossbow -
A weapon that sits on the fine line between bow and gun, the autocrossbow works on a sophisticated crank system, which grinsd the string between gears to draw it out until a bolt falls into place in front of it, at which point a catch is caught and the string is released, only to be grabbed again at the next turn of the crank. This allows bolts to be fired rapidly, but reloading is always a looming aggrevation.

- Aquamarine Bladed Bow -
Keeping in line with the manufacturer's 'big and reliable' philosophy, the Bladed Bow is hefty enough to be used as weapon, even without the great curved blade mounted on each arm of it. A heavy recurve of very dense metal protects the string when the blades are brought into play. The rings threated through the string add weight as always, to the draw of the bow in this case, and also jingle pleasantly when the weapon is released.

- Chyrosoberyl Hunting Composite -
Another prototype compounding, this time adding a second string as well. While the double-thick string is more comfortable to pull, it adds only barely enough to be worth the extra expense. This does allow for a shorter bow with a stronger yield, however, making it ideal for horseback or hunting in tight terrain. The synchopated barbing of the arrows that come with the weapon give it a slight spin, increasing accuracy.

- Coral Shortbow -
A short bow for use underwater, the coral naturally resistant to water damage while the string must be relaminated now and then. The barbed arrows take advantage of the lower need for aerodynamics to host a larger head, while the use of seaweed in place of feathers is a workable alternative.

- Jade Showstopper -
A simple, single-curve bow, the gold inlay on the end of each arm adding a tidy bit of weight to the pull and release however. While potent due to the Jade lining, the design traits of this particular model are mostly just for show, the scarf on the front flapping dramatically on realse of the arrow. The long ribbon of the arrow only occaisionally gets caught on the string, and can be used as a primitive tracer round.

- Pearl Recurve -
Pearl once again makes excellent use of itself, tiny ones impregnated through the string to strengthen it against the massive pull brought about by threading the arms partially through two large pearls. The pearl-tipped arrows meanwhile are largely nonlethal, striking largely with blunt force and only the slightest cutting or piercing from the stabilizing point.

- Topaz Buckler Bow -
An attempt to emulate the defensive properties of a 'shieldgun', this recurve bow hosts a second haft that carries a buckler proudly, while the weapon is held by the first one just behind it. The necessity of a large slit in the side of the buckler to threat the arrow through makes it of dubious use, unfortunately.

- Quartz Resonance Harp -
An arrowless bow consisting of a length of curved quartz placed through the top part of a bow, leading to an emitter that amplifies the vibrations of the sound into concussive bolts. A full strum along every string produces the strongest bolts, and up to three strums worth of sound can be contained by the emitter before it bursts free. Some claim that they can control the bolts that come out however, by only plucking certain strings in certain orders.

- Emerald Reflex Bow -
A modernized bow incorporating many years of innovation into a single product, which is just as easy to use as any bow. It is both Reflexive, meaning that the full length is bent away from the archer, and composite, meaning that multiple layers of material are used. The use of modern materials and embedded nylon makes it a simple perfection of the class.

- Sapphire Butterfly Bow -
A long, weighty bow with a butterfly motif. It utilizes two strings of sapphire-impregnated nylon, which are tied in a complicated manner that supposedly enhances the return of the string without affecting the pull weight, making it relatively easy to use for the damage it causes. A quirk of microengineering causes the butterfly wings on each arrow to flutter as it flies, slightly extending range.

- Star Sapphire Ballista -
A personal ballista, or 'Belly Bow'. The triple, massive arms string between them a single strand of string that, despite its thickness, would more or less cut your fingers off if you tried to pull it manually. Instead, one is to place the round end on the left against the stomach and the tip against the ground, before wrenching back on the metal arms. This draws and sets the bow by mechanical action of gears and pulleys, at minimal exerted strength by the archer. The double sized bolt is then loaded and fired at dizzying velocity.


- Sig P226G, 'Girls Best Friend' -
A simple handgun preferred by femme fatalles and rich housewives with enough common sense and gumption to learn to protect themselves, but without the gumption to learn a martial art or weapon. The gold inlay makes the weapon a touch on the heavy side, but this also serves to absorb the kick, which can be more trouble than weight for the unexperienced gunner.

- Rittergruppen Razor-A, 'Ivory and Ebony' -
A special edition Razor marketted in twos for the bicentenial celebration of the company. Despite being completely different colors, the materials are exactly the same, merely smithed in slightly different conditions. Rumor says that the name is backards on purpose, to avoid angering someone or other that already called their guns Ebony and Ivory.

- H-K ShadowWorks Cobra-T, 'Boxcars' -
A quirky specialty revolver with twice the usual ammo capacity and rate of fire, though this comes at a certain price. The double-twist of the two chambers spinning at once is hypnotic.

- H&K MP7-R, 'Hell's Bells' -
A fully automatic carbine that, while just as heavy as it looks, can still be fired one handed if strapped to the body over the opposite shoulder. The weight of the materials used all but negates the kick, making a sweep slow but the aim true. The clamorous sound of spent shells hitting the ground, paired with the constant rattle of rings, is somewhere between maddening and merry.

- H&K USPS, 'Blowpipe' -
A cartoonish tranquilizer pistol used by special agents, who pass it off as a toy. Or by people with either very strange in guns or a very strong connection to their tribal roots. The feather in the top works as an aiming sight, while the darts are handloaded into the back of the barrel one at a time.

- SOCOM ASP, 'Watersnake' -
A long handgun optimized for underwater operations, utilizing a hydropressure reaction rather than powder to fire. The bright orange laser stands out most against water, while suffering the least from refraction.

- Kassa Fabrication Razer-S, 'Trickster' -
A smallish but surprisingly heavy revolver designed for showmanship, the multiple rings good for spinning and juggling the weapon by, while the ribbon flows along behind each motion. Even the spin of the chamber is flashy and eyecatching. The expensive materials required to craft such flash, ironically and quite accidentally, give it a lot of substance, and if not loaded with blanks it is a very functional sidearm with plenty of stopping power.

- Colt Trooper-D, 'Holliday Special' -
A pearl handled revolver released as part of a limited edition set of replicas, though each is only externally identical to the ancient version they are based on, the inner workings just as functional as the original Trooper.

- Colt M1911-P, 'Athena and Aries -
A questionable attempt by an eccentric gunsmith to apply traditional shield and sword tactics to akimbo gunplay. While the shield and bayonette both function as expected, there is really rarely a reason to let an enemy get that close when you have a gun.

- SiG P250-S , 'Noisy Cricket' -
A pocket pistol for personal protection from pilfering punks. Favored for its almost comical ease in concealment versus its equally comical punch, for its size or even in general. Marketted to the exceedingly wealthy and paranoid, this one-shot wonder can literally be hidden in a brooch.

- KBP Design PP-90A, 'Green Eyed Monster' -
A redesign of the PP-90A attempting to incorporate the steadfast simplicity and reliability of the AK-47 still in use even in an age of laser rifles and pocket cannons. While success was achieved, the cost was nearly twice that of the original PP-90A and unfathomably more than an AK-47, and thus the project was scrapped and the few prototypes auctioned off as limited editions.

- Bauer & Kopka M12-S Nova, 'Old Blue' -
A sleek recasing of a standard Nova, incorporating sapphire and sapphire dust liberally and upping the calibur to a whopping .50 with the increase in durability those things provided.

- IMI Uzi-BH, 'Binary Storm' -
A one of a kind pair of Uzis, the signature weapons of a commando instrumental in a recent defense against Starmen. In honor of his efforts, they were retrofitted with a Star Sapphire casing. Much like the original, these weapons are light and 'tame' enough to be wielded akimbo-style by someone with very steady arms, while unleashing an uncanny barrage of lead.


- S&T-Daewoo XK8, 'Lady's Best Friend' -
The personalized assault rifle of a high ranking brigadier, who is obviously frightening enough that no one dares to tell her how weird her gun looks.

- Franchi SPAS-12V, 'Four Eyes' -
A double double barrel that seeks to capitilize on the zen that more bullets is always better. Its impossibly high kick is testament to its power, as is the near-wall of buckshot it puts off with every squeeze of the trigger.

- Ural Combinat Wolverine, 'Pink Elephant' -
A blunderbus style elephant gun for the new age, rendered in hot pink for reasons known only to the creator, who was ironically trampled days after its completion.

- IMI Tavor STAR-21Z, 'Art of War' -
A customized Sniper Rifle, based on ancient chinese musket designs, with a frighteningly wide barrel and a grip system that only the wielder can navigate with any accuracy. While he can fire it 'from the hip' so to speak, he advises anyone borrowing it to either "bring a very tall tripod or a very good friend".

- UNSC M39 EMR-TE, 'Sleeper Scope' -
An experimental redesign put together from accounts of an ancient commando who used a tranquilizer sniper rifle. Rather than hydraulic darts, which would have trouple piercing modern armor, the team stayed faithful to the design, but opted for "bullets" of pressed drug powder encased in a micro-sabot. In flight, the case opens and the drugged load strikes with enough impact to force the newly powdered bullet directly through the skin.

- Ural Combinat .73ga-P, 'Triton' -
A special underwater operations triple barrel shotgun, the barrels loaded by a single pellet stuffed into the top when they're bent forward. The barrels rotate on a swivel, the same mechanism splitting the pellet into the type of bullet each barrel uses, which can be fired one at a time or all at once. The purple barrel fires buck, the pink barrel fires poisoned rounds, and the blue barrel fires higher calibur armor piercing rounds.

- Czech Weapons CZW-762C LMG, 'Victory March' -
A beautiful light machine gun with a crimson-scarfed bayonette and a cleverly placed exhaust port, each puff of heated air causing the flag to flap dramatically.

- Smith Enterprises Mk.14 EMR-R, 'Father of Pearl' -
A bizarre battle rifle designed to be as user friendly as possible. Round 'joints' of pearl allow the basic shape of the weapon to be changed, either for a custom grip, or to alter its firing mode; Pulled straight, the mechanisms shift to fire a loaded harpoon instead of conventional rounds.

- Mauser SP-66-B, 'Portable Loophole -
A sniper rifle prototype that attempts to make up for the vulnerability of snipers, a device in the tripod emitting a hard-light hologram in the form of a shield. While translucent, the shield IS somewhat difficult to see through, and it is recommended to have an experienced spotter and always use the scope.

- Ariake Technologies M-27EA Scimitar, 'Asura' -
Making unusually efficient use of the 'more is better' rule of shotgun barrels, this crystaline energy gun manages to cram six, firing from a massive central emitter in a wild dispersal pattern. While both effective and satisfying, the reload time between each shot makes it impractical as anything but a 'conversation starter' before switching to a more reliable gun.

- IMI Negev LMG-B , 'Hidden Dragon' -
A light machine gun of standard, practical design with a camoflauge-patterned coating of Emerald.

- Norinco QBB-95CT LMG , 'Mazarine Violin' -
Made in conjunction with the Society for Creative Reenactments, this modern remake of the classic tommy gun came out better than expected, and may see field action in the coming years despite being a novelty peice.

- KBP Design GShG-7.62-SN Minigun , 'Svetlana' -
It's a Star Sapphire -minigun-.
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