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Tons o' Thanks


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The following are notes delivered alongside the Thanksgiving gifts Mac passed out to as many NPCs as he could find. All are hand written on fine card stock, and accompanied by three candied cranberries which cause Acute Happy when eaten and boost a stat bonus by 35, and signed with grandly flowing calligraphy, 'Machievelli de Nicholette'

The following notes are accompanied by 1 Magic Affinity boosting candy, and 2 Luck boosting candies.

Magic Joy, I hope I chose the right sort of candy, under the assumption that one who maintains such an impressive variety of tomes must practice a little of the incantatum herself. Enclosed are several candied cranberries for your pleasure, the shiny blueish one containing a rush of magical power. I hope with this gift, you will feel like part of our family and not just a merchant at her post. Because even if you are the latter, you are also the former.

Sir Earth Knight, I had the strangest trouble finding your name because it seems like no one has ever heard you speak. Regardless, I thank you for the service and loyalty you and the other Knights have provided, and offer a pittance of these Thanksgiving themed treats. May the road rise up to meet you.

Lady Myria Striker, I don't know you or the other knights as well as I might like to, but I know enough. You don't become a knight by being a coward or remain one for long if you're weak minded. In thanks, I offer an admittedly meager treat to mark the holiday that recently passed. May the wind be always at your back.

Sir Siebrant Dillan, I don't know you or the other knights as well as I should, but generalizing a form letter is beneath me. I thank you for the stalwart dedication to our seemingly endless quest, and hope you will take some joy in this small gift. May the rain fall soft upon your fields.

Lady Alina, I'm afraid I havn't been formally introduced to you or the other knights, but I hardly think you're all just sitting around drinking our wine. In this time of giving thanks, I wanted to give thanks to all our supporters, with what value a kind word and a handful of candy has for each of you. Thank you.

Lady Naomi, Truly blessed we must be, and hallowed our mission, to deserve the attention of so many stalwart knights. I thank you and yours for your service, and hope simultanously that we fight many battles together, and that the need for those battles will soon be at an end. Thank you.

Lady Ashley, My sincerest thanks for the efforts put forth by you and your fellows in both defending the weak and striking down the wicked. I hope this small token of that appreciation is not too frivolous for one of your exalted station.

Dr. Evermore, While we havn't been formally introduced, general concensus lands somewhere between deep respect and outright awe. Your continued support is deeply appreciated, moreso than this humble offering can properly convey, but I am sure they will try their best.

Mr. Frederick, We havn't met, but what information I can up reads something like bible scripture. I'm sure we wouldn't be where we are without you, and for that I offer my heartfelt thanks and a small offering that will hopefully brighten your day.

Queen Schala, I havn't visited your little kingdom, but it looks peaceful and happy, and I can't imagine the people have much to suffer for with such a beautiful and wise lady at the throne. On behalf of everyone, I want to humbly thank you for your support in our libraries. Please pay no mind to a certain automaton's screeching for more, we have dragged you far enough into this war as it is and you deserve the peace you've cultivated among your people.

Phacia, You don't know me, but I am, as the date demands, making my thanks known. It is a slightly pitiful offering compared to the support you have no doubt provided, but I hope these words and these candies will brighten your day and warm your heart. Thank you.

Royce, I havn't had the pleasure of meeting you and your lovely sisters, but I have heard this and that. I'm glad that whatever disagreements bred antagonism between yourself and the Warriors have faded, and I hope that together we and yours can all find what we need. Thank you for your support toward that end.

Xenobia, While I havn't yet enjoyed the danger of complimenting you or your sisters on their frankly staggering beauty, I can hear the note of nervous respect when your name is spoken, and I can respect that. It is my hope that this gift and these meager words of appreciation are enjoyed to some degree, and I thank you all for your support and service.

Specter, I know very little of you except that you have impeccable fashion sense and can somehow pull off being three feet tall without coming off as a joke. That, and that you have helped tutor Aziel, which is something we have in common. I don't know how 'close' you are, but people like Aziel.. I know those sorts of issues tend to come up, so I want to thank you for your support toward the Warriors, and in particular, for whatever part you've played in helping him defeat his Shadows.

The following notes are accompanied by 2 Magic Affinity candies, and 1 Luck candy.

Lord Magus, You don't seem like the sort to laze about eating candy, but it's the thought that counts, right? I want you to know how appreciated it is that your formidible artistry in magic and scytheplay alike are put towards the same ends we apply our various skills and convictions. And on a special side note, thank you kindly for not murdering Jericho. That's another thing many of us have to steel our convictions for...

Lord Ghaleon, I got the cliff notes version of your 'fight' with the Warriors and I'm glad things worked out in such a way that you could join us once everything was concluded. You, along with so many others contributing to our mission, are the only reason we're able to make headway against a universe equally full of terrible people pushing in the opposite direction. Please accept a small offering of my appreciation, and I hope it isn't too silly a trifle to enjoy.

Lord Vaati, I assume some sort of lordship because you just look the part. I'm afraid we havn't had the pleasure of meeting properly, but your file indicates you're a highly capable master of wind. The Minotaur identifies strongly with Garu, so I'm familiar with that sort of power, and I look forward to seeing you in action so he might learn a few things. Please enjoy the attached token of my appreciation for your choice to fight alongside us.

The following are accompanied by 2 Spirit candies and 1 Luck candy.

Armor Joy, While I'm sure your association with us has made you and the other Joys very, very rich, I like to think of you all as part of our family as much as anyone working pro bono. After all, Lex Luthor paid very well before he vanished, yet you sold to us and not to him. Should that spark of family reside in your heart and not just my optimistic assumption, it is my hope that these words and this gift serve to fuel it. And if not, hey, free candy.

Weapon Joy, I can only imagine how difficult it is to keep us all supplied with weapons, when most of us think nothing of hitting a tank with a sword and assuming it won't need so much as a wipe down afterward. For this constant effort, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the middleish part of my wallet. I hope that you consider yourself one of us, and even if you don't, know that I do. After all, if the ship blows up you'll kind of die too, and I'm sure there are much safer places to run a store.

Gun Joy, You're probably the one I've had the most dealings with, though I won't be so brash as to assume you remember me despite the small fortune I've spent on bullets, aiming sights, and revolver modules in your little corner of the armory. You know your craft just as well as anyone in the family business back home, and that's kind of hot. But on a more serious note, thank you for your steadfast patronage when I'm sure there are much easier places to make a buck.

Synthesis Joy, enclosed is a gift of thanks for having joined our little troupe, crafted with love and given with a grand future together in mind. While it's my understanding that you aren't directly related to the other Joys despite obvious similiarities and a sharing of name, I hope you'll come to find a sense of family in your new home among us and them.

Melchior, Your arts are amazing, and though you charge a healthy premium, that's simply the way of the blacksmith and you're no less 'on our side' than anyone on the ship; If it were all about the money, there are a lot of terrible people who could pay a lot more for your services. Superior armor means that those in the most danger have greater chance of coming home safe, and superior weapons mean the ablity to strike decisively and end a fight before it can boil over. For these things, I salute you and hope the enclosed gift will bring a little extra brightness to the spark that lights your forge.

Dr. McKay, You can't swing a sword or shoot lasers or sic swarms of nanobots on our enemies, but at the end of the day, you're the only one who can open the door we go through most often. I hope you never feel as if you're less important than the rest of us lunatics who charge into the frey, because very often, without your efforts, we would never arrive at the frey to begin with. To you who chart our path and make it possible to walk, the thanks of everyone we've ever saved, and of our own.

Dr. Becket, You work on the very boundaries of medical science, which is both amazing and highly appreciated by us, who work at the very boundaries of finding new ways to get blown up, infected, or worse. I won't patronize you with 'keep up the good work', because while we havn't met beyond passing, I know your type, and you always do. And just so, you will always have our undying gratitude for as long as you keep us undying ourselves.

Dr. Lancaster, I don't know what a Nigellian is and I won't pretend to fully understand nanite colonies, but your file indicates that you treat the sick just by being nearby and that's pretty impressive. Fitting considering the effect your bedside manner has on those that may be losing hope, even before you start the 'real' treatment. You're risking a lot to keep us alive, and I want to make absolutely sure on this day of thanks, that you know that doesn't go unappreciated, even if a lot of the time your patients hurry out of bed to continue their training.

Dr. Hologram, It occurs to me that you're a hologram and I hope that there is some means by which the enclosed candies are more than a cruel teasing. If necessary, you are more than welcome to download briefly into my body while I eat them, so you can at least enjoy the taste. Whether it is programming or choice that drives you to support our efforts, cure our ills, and set our breaks, it's something to be thankful for. I hope that this sincere appreciation will serve to brighten your day, if the berries do not.

The following are accompanied by 3 Luck Candies.

Wolf, I feel really stupid giving berries to a wolf, so I only candied one of yours. You can squeeze the other two over the meat of your choice if sweets aren't your thing. Any weaponeer worth his carbon knows the name Star Wolf, so I'm well aware that you're mercenaries. This means absolutely nothing to me, so you have no choice but to accept my sincerest thanks for joining our fight.

Leon, You creep me right the fuck out. In a good way! Really! I totally understand the marketting behind the persona you display, so good job and keep at it. And sure you're a bloodthirsty mercenary, but you seem truly loyal and devoted to your leader, and I hope, perhaps foolishly, that some day that same loyalty will be with us for good. Until then, thank you for taking our job.

Andrew, Sorry they're not bananas. I know we're paying you large sums of money to do so, but please allow me to extend my thanks that you and your squad have our backs during all those fights where swords aren't really an option.

Pigma, You don't seem to like... Anyone, but thank you for firing all your lasers away from us instead of at us. It's not exactly a million credits, but please enjoy this little token of that appreciation.

Panther, I can only assume your mouth is as accepting of sweetness as your nose, so I have high hopes you'll enjoy these despite being, quite obviously, a very large and healthy feline. I picked out the very reddest of the Alraune's crop, because you're worth it. Oh, google 'Tuxedo Mask'.

Colonel O'Neil, I read the debriefing of the Expellian lunar mission, and let me say, walking into certain death with a rational expectation to die is just as brave as, if not braver than, walking into the same situation with a god complex and the Power of Friendship assumption that everything will be okay. Thank you for your service, and for your faith in our cause.

Dr. Jackson, I don't know you or your squad so well, but you're basically Indiana Jones in space and that's pretty worthy of appreciation. Thank you for lending us your aid.

Teal'C, My xenobiology is very rusty and I have no idea if you guys eat. If you do, please enjoy the enclosed candies and my heartfelt thanks to you and your squad for lending aid in our increasingly endless times of need. If not, please enjoy the enclosed ornaments which smell nice.

General Edge, You probably have the hardest job of anyone on the ship. Everyone else deals with tiny peices of this circus act, but you are the sieve through which all the lunacy must pass, and you take that duty with unshakable dignity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for herding us cats so valiantly for so long, even with no 'real' authority over us, even with people backtalking and disregarding common sense, even with so many well planned assaults slipping casually into madness. The fact that you arguably do the most work of anyone, and arguably get the least out of it in return, speaks volumes for your commitment to the cause. So please, sit back, have some delicious berries, and try not to think about Jericho for a few minutes.

Admiral Gloval, We havn't met and I havn't worked under you, but I read through your dossier and I'm impressed that you can coordinate even something as chaotic as a squad of Dimensional Warriors into something as seamless as wolf pack tactics. Going from captaining a submarine to making unorthodox use of whatever a Reflex Fold Drive is is probably less amazing, but still very much so. I salute you, and am pleased to call you comrade.

Colonel Li Sun, Your assistance on the Drafalos rescue mission was pivotal, and every ounce of effort you saved us was spent on making it one of the most unabashedly successful missions I've ever been a part of. For that in particular, and for your continued assistance, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I hope, on behalf of everyone else. It isn't even close to equal in value to the lives saved by your efforts, but enclosed is a small gift of appreciation that I hope you will enjoy as much or moreso than the praise written on this card.

General Masato, You are beautiful and terrifying, and anyone who can fire a gauss anti-vehicle cannon from the hip is someone I'm absolutely delighted to have on our side, and equally delighted to not have to fight. Thank you for your service, whatever your reasons for providing it.

Gala, I'm an acquaintance of your student, Ghenna. Since he sees fit to learn from you, I'm just a little terrified by extension. I hope he gave his thanks to you on the holiday or I'm going to feel like a jerk for giving mine. I don't know if you took him on as a student before or after he joined this group, but either way, you're a supporter by extension, and I thank you for that support.
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