Races (old, ignore this)

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Races (old, ignore this)


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Ancient - Severe disadvantage to technology, high advantage to magic
Medieval - Disadvantage to technology, advantage to magic
Information Era - Neutral
Steampunk - Disadvantage to magic, advantage to technology
Futuristic - Severe disadvantage to magic, high advantage to technology

Wild - Social Stigma
Free - Dirty Reputation
Caste-based - Caste System
Pacifist - Skill Disadvantage
Militaristic - Skill Disadvantage
Ideological - Cultural Ineptitude
Cultural - ???
State-run - Skeleton in the Closet
Dominated - Marked for Death
Rebellious - Haunted
Adventurous - ???
Scientific - Skill Disadvantage
Agrarian - ???

Tough - When afflicted by a negative status effect, may roll 1d100 per turn suffered to shrug it off (GM discretion) (some effects do not apply).
Peaceful - When using "Speechcraft" to deter an opponent or settle a potentially viiolent dispute, roll one step higher.
Stylish - When in mortal danger by circumstance, below 50% HP, or actively attempting something that promises injury on a failure, the human with this feat gains a +10 to whatever roll is called for. If more than one of these are true, each additional grants another +5. The third only applies to dodges if an Athletic skill is used instead of Reaction or Block.
Dramatic - Choose a "Wild Skill." When performing said skill, functions as the "Wild Skill" trait.
Genius - When acting on previously gathered information (research, questioning, etc.), may elect to "use up" that research and roll one step higher on a specific action (GM discretion).
Magical - Skill Advantage to magic schools
Skittish - When running from an encounter, roll one step higher.
Dastardly - As "A FAvor Owed" trait.
Heroic - As "Clean Reputation" trait.
Shrewd - As "Windfall Cash" trait.
Berserk -
Territorial - Act induced

Beast - Access to "Beast" feats and traits
Humanoid - ???
Resilient - Access to "tough" feats and traits
Mystical - ???
Artificial Intelligence - Access to Artificial Life feats and traits

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