Strangeal Leyline Locations

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Strangeal Leyline Locations


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Leyline Locations on Strangeal (This can also be found more comfortably and compactly on the mission board)
The spectral analyzer has been able to determine the following.

Leyline #1: Hyperion Station Wreckage, Ballast Chamber 3 - Positive ID. Target: Columbia, Earth Prime

Leyline #2: Sand Island, North Ceres Ocean - Partial ID. Target: Dark Gaia
Atmosphere: Normal Communications: None Detected Threat Level: Extreme
You see the remnants of Hikaru City beneath a blood red sunless sky, the swirling mass of destruction that powers Giygas seems to be flowing into an interlocking web of obsidian black towers that stretch into the heavens, one central spire lording above them all. The ground below looks like a dry barren desert, a graveyard of crashed Reaper vessels, craters and burnt out tree husks. Null space entities and beholders freely roam the nightmare scape, occaisionally being put down by Frahma's Wingly Guard - many dressed similarly to the Archon you fought on Sand Island. The shattered remnants of the battle of Merkava hang in the sky above. The castle seems to stretch for eternity in every section, leaving only skeletal skyscrapers where Hikaru once stood. The vantage point appears to be from the manor still.

Leyline #3: Dinsmark, Belka - Positive ID - Manoria Cathedral, Rygar Prime, 600 A.D.

Leyline #4: Cruik Fortress Memorial - Partial ID, Unknown World
Atmosphere: Normal Communications: U.m.N. Frequencies Detected Threat Level: Low
Your vantage point appears to be some sort of green park plaza. People dressed in somewhat alien clothing - tunic like garb mostly, pause and glance towards where you've oriented the camera. Several terminals in the back of the plaza clearly read "U.m.N. Public Terminal". The city skyline seems well populated, a large pyramid in the rear of the footage seems to bear a 69 nirvana logo. A few armed soldiers with rifles seem to be investigating the source of the breach.
Note: Aziel has identified the '69' logo as Vector Industries brand

Leyline #5: Gracmeria War Museum, Gracemeria - Partial ID, Unknown World
You see an image taken from a mountain overlooking a large port city, huge sailing ships visible in the grainy footage. An image of a massive 'moon' hangs in the horizon reminiscent of a blue marble in the sky. The area seems to be filled with grassy fields and lush forests... relatively peaceful actulaly.

Leyline #6: Produce Freezer, Dragons Lair, Positive ID. Target: Yavin 4

Leyline #7: Perfanesia Island, Usea - Positive ID: Unclassified Earth Analogue

Leyline #8: (Wherever the gate to Cody's world is) - Positive ID: Radiata

Leyline #9: Ulysses 2017M01 Impact Site, Southern Leasath - Positive ID: Gaia Prime
Atmosphere: Normal Communications: Complex Modern/Ultra-Modern Threat Level: High-Very High
The footage here seems to be hard to make out at first. You recognize the sight of Midgar almost immediately... but the sight of things in the skyline looks relatively foreign. Shinra's military seems to be out in full force, and closer inspection of the shot you get faint |-o-| images on the skyline.... and when did Gaia gain not one, but two moons?

Leyline #10: Megalith Facility Ruins, Twinkle Islands, Erusea - Partial ID, Unknown World
Atmosphere: Normal Communications: Isolated RF Detected, Minimal Threat Level: Moderate
You seem to be staring at a small chamber with an active computer console in it, beyond which is a red crystal floor surrounded by four grey mechanical pedastals with spotlights in them. The terminal is close enough that you can make out a tiny bit of writing on it despite the low resolution footage.

Leyline #11: Oured, Osea - Partial ID, Unknown World
Atmosphere: Normal/Anomalous Normal Communications: Radio Frequency Use Detected Threat Level: Low-High
The grainy footage shows a cliffside bluff overlooking a colossal ocean, a single long stetch of bridge reaching across an expanse of ocean towards a colossal dome shielded city of glistening towers. Across the bridge before the shield seems to be filled with primarily abandoned cars and still manned military checkpoints, ahead of the barrier wall itself.
Note: Max as suggested this is Eshtar

Leyline #12: Deep Sea - South Ceres Ocean Partial ID, Unknown World
Atmosphere: Temperate/Warm Communications: None Detected Threat Level: Low-Moderate
The last location appears.. familliar and yet different. A series of verdant green islands amidst a sea of infinite cloud. The footage here is particularly grainy, but you seem to be looking from a mountaintop down onto a world. A few airships seem to drift in and out of vision.
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