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Selphie Tilmit 7.0


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<<> Player Info <>>
IRC Nick: Sebastian/Kurama
Real Name (Optional):
Time Zone:

<<> Character Info <>>
Name: Selphie Tilmit
Race: Human
Sheet Approved by: (leave blank)
<<> Base Statistic modifiers <>>
<<> Traits and Feats <>>
-= Traits =-
Points: 1.5/18

* Master Tinker (3 pts) - This character can use any weapon or item it's crafted without suffering the untrained skill penalty.

* Scavenger (3 pts) - When making a loot or a Search check, this character may roll twice and take the better of the two results.

* Eternal Hope (2.5 pts) - Once per mission, when this character rolls a super-botch (bottom 1% of roll value), this character may roll a second time, but must accept the outcome of that second result.

* Mist Child (3 pts) - This character gains a +10 to Stealth checks.

* Curiosity (2 pts) - This character gains a +10 bonus when making Gather Information checks.

* Kneecapper (3 pts) - When this character inflicts the "Off Guard" status effect, it is considered to be one severity higher than normal.

-= Character Classes =-
1) Expert Pilot
Associated Statistic:
Description: A varied pilot is one of the most necessary people to have around in tight situations. Whether it's by land, sea, air, or space, these people can get you where you need to go, fast.
Effect: +5 to Heavy Mecha and Light Aircraft +3 Artisan: Engineering, Survival

2) Machinist
Associated Statistic:
Description: Machinists are precision engineers who use unique and pinpoint tools to create microgadgets or enhance or fine-tune existing ones. Their intricate knowledge of small-scale engineering makes them expert lockpicks and a knowledgeable mechanic.
Effect: +5 Artisan: Engineering, Subterfuge, 1 Vehicle Operation skill (Space Craft)

Associated Statistic:
Description: Gadgeteers and tinkerers are a subset of hobbyists and engineers that customize and maintain their own array of useful little tools -- though some make their tools ... bigger. They're extremely varied and adaptable in their creations.
Effect: +5 Artisan: Engineering, +5 to 1 other artisan skill, +5 to 1 (Ground Vehicles)

-= Feats =- (* denotes feats taken at character creation.)
(* denotes feats taken at character creation.)
*Feat 1(200XP) -
One in a Million
Associated Class: Expert Pilot
Description: When it comes down to the breaking point in vehicle combat, whether it's in a massive battleship or twisting a Parisian corner in a Mini, sometimes ... you just get lucky.
Effect: Per engagement, the Expert Pilot can substitute his/her actual Vehicle Operation roll with a Luck roll, plus a (Vehicle Operation level * 25) bonus to it. This has GM-determined results, and can turn the tide of a massive battle or a life-or-eath situation... for better or worse.

*Feat 2(400XP) -
Jury Rigging
Associated Class: Machinist
Description: This character's an expert at making do with what's at hand rather than what's needed. He/she is able to use spare parts from a car engine to repair an aircraft engine, and can use the blade of a sword to repair the blade of an axe. It's all in the right application of duct tape and bailing wire.
Effect: A Machinist with this feat has the ability to create tools, gadgets, weapons, and other items made of materials up to 2 levels less than their Engineering skill allows (that is, if the skill level allows Radiant Metal smithing, the character can make any Metal-based item) without special tools or a workspace, simply what's at hand.

*Feat 3(600XP) -
Limit Break/Mysterious Power
Associated Statistic: Willpower
Description: When in dire situations, a character is able to push him/herself past normal limits, putting a good portion or even all of their skill, energy, and power into a single few seconds in an attempt to overcome an obstacle, whether it be environmental, hostile, or otherwise.
Effect: This feat allows for Abilities to be categorized as Limit Breaks. Abilities that are categorized as such are given a bonus to strength according to the tier of Limit Break they are assigned as, from Level 1 to Level 4. A character's "Limit Gauge" is 100% of their HP. When a character takes damage, their gauge is filled at a 1:2 ratio to the damage actually incurred (after soak, reductions, etc.). When a character's Limit Gauge is filled, they have access to the next level of Limit Breaks. When a character drops below 0 HP, the character's Limit Gauges are decreased by 20% of the gathered amount, the damage that caused a KO is not added or calculated in any way. The more Limit Gauges a character has, the higher level of Limit Break Ability they can use. 1 Gauge = Level 1, 3 Gauges = Level 3, etc. Within the custom ability system limit breaks are allowed to exceed the custom 'limits' damage may exceed the level restriction of any limit break and status effects can have 1 level higher than the abilities allowed.

Limit Break - Slot

Slot draws from a separate magic list than Selphie's own Draw Pool.
Slot lets Selphie to have the ability to randomly cast magic without having to know it up to 1-5 times depending on level of the spell. There are four types of Magic exclusive to Selphie's Limit Break, but they are extremely powerful and special spells that must be bought each time she purchases this Feat again.
These Spells are:
Full-Cure - Completely restores all HP and Cures all abnormal status effects to all conscious allies
Wall - Casts both Protect and Shell to all conscious allies.
Rapture - Removes a single random enemy from battle. Does not work in boss battles. (GM discretion)
The End - The battle is over The End. This can have both negative or positive consequences. (GM discretion)

Selphie's 'Slot' feat operates by rolling a 1d40 to choose which spell she casts. Only the spell cast and the number of casts is randomized, not the target. Selphie chooses the target(s) she wishes to cast upon. Selphie's Slot List will be kept in a seperate post to keep character sheet clutter to a minimum.

This feat can be purchased every 1000xp. This list will expand 40 Spells with each purchase. with each unique spell at 40, 80, 140, and 200

Selphie's 1st Feat Purchase Spell:
Full-Cure - Completely restores all HP and cures all abnormal status effects to all conscious allies.

*Feat 4(800XP) -
Associated Statistic: Spirit
Description: The character is naturally more inclined to the world around them, whether it's considered "airheaded", abstractly creative, or more in tune with the beyond.
Effect: +50 Spirit (put in temporary)

*Feat 5(1000XP) -
Associated Statistic: Spirit
Description: The character is a master at thinking 'outside the box', and has a lot of quirky ideas that they may scribble on napkins, doodle in class, or dream about in board meetings. They are able to use this to build elaborate machines, modify existing ones, or figure out special ways to repair existing ones.
Effect: +10 to Craft and Repair Skill Checks

Feat 6(1200XP) -
Jump In and Go
Associated Class: Expert Pilot
Description: Regardless of his or her technical expertise, some pilots just ... get it, and they recognize that most craft of a similar type all have similar operations, even if their interfaces or controls are laid out differently or they're centuries apart. Left is still left, and faster is always better.
Effect: Removes the "learning period" for new vehicles for pilots. When a new or unfamiliar vehicle is found and has locked systems or has restrictions put on it, the pilot is immediately informed of these to as great an extent as possible, and removes any negatives that would usually be incurred on learning to use a vehicle, regardless of size, nature, or type.

Feat 7(1400XP) -
They Don't Make Them Like They Used To
Associated Class: Gadgeteer/Tinker
Description: Some of the more enthusiastic gadgeteers and tinkers enjoy taking old devices or vehicles and remodeling them to compete with or surpass their modern counterparts. Sometimes this involves some very in-depth changes on the inside, sometimes it's just a paint job and a tune-up. Either way, what was originally started as a hobby-level competition has given countless people the opportunity to make a fortune on that one refurb.
Effect: A tinkerer/gadgeteer with this feat is able to easier find functioning/semi-functioning, older devices or vehicles than most others, even if they're in plain sight. If an older-generation device or vehicle (an original computer, a gas-guzzling all-metal car, a prop airplane, a rocket-boosted space-craft, etc.) is located, the tinker/gadgeteer can request the chance to refurb the device/vehicle via a GM, and can customize/enhance the vehicle/device to their whim with the proper Artisan skill until they declare themselves "finished", at which time the GM will give the device/vehicle effects/statistics appropriate to it.

Feat 8(1600XP) -
Roundabout Performer
Associated Statistic: Spirit
Description: The performance arts are your forte, you know how to sing, play an instrument, dance, and/or act; in other words you are a multi-talented performer.
Effect: The character gains a +10 to all performance checks.

Feat 9(1800XP) -
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: Most people are born on land or a planet and spend a good chunk of their lives there, you however are different; you were either raised on a ship of some sort or spent a good chunk of your life on one. You also do not suffer any penalties from not having sea/air/space legs.
Effect: +10 to Navigation, Rope, and Piloting checks for either ships (sea, air, or space). Must choose type at taking of the feat.

Feat 10(2000XP) -
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: Most people are born on land or a planet and spend a good chunk of their lives there, you however are different; you were either raised on a ship of some sort or spent a good chunk of your life on one. You also do not suffer any penalties from not having sea/air/space legs.
Effect: +10 to Navigation, Rope, and Piloting checks for either ships (sea, air, or space). Must choose type at taking of the feat.
Feat 11(2200XP) -

Feat 12(2400XP) -

Feat 13(2600XP) -
Feat 14(2800XP) -
Feat 15(3000XP) -
Feat 16(3200XP) -
Feat 17(3400XP) -
Feat 18(3600XP) -
Feat 19(3800XP) -
Feat 20(4000XP) -
Experience Total:
Skill Points Total:
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved HP: + -> +500 Max HP
Improved Soak: + -> +25 Phys/Mag Soak
Improved Resistance: +% -> +5% resistance to negative Status Effects (Capts at 50%)
Implacable: + -> +500 Death Threshold
Endure: +% -> +1% chance (1d100) that an attack that would KO instead leave the character at 1 HP
Improved Survival: + -> +10 to final result of survival roll
( )  Health: [] + | Bonus: +
HP: ((health * 50) + Milestones) | Armor: (health + Milestones) | Physical Soak: (health + Milestones + traits)
Magical Soak: (health + Milestones + traits) | Status Resistance: (See Milestones) | Death Threshold: (Milestones)
Endure: (Milestones) | Survival Result Bonus: (Milestones)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved HP: +
Improved Soak: +
Improved Resistance: +%
Implacable: +
Endure: +%
Improved Survival: +
(50 exp) Improved HP: +500 (x1)
(100 exp) Improved Soak: +25 (x1)
(150 exp) Improved Resistance: +5% (x1)
(200 exp) Implacable: +500 (x1)
(250 exp) Endure: +1% (x1)
(300 exp) Improved Survival: +10 (x1)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Ranged: + -> +5 awareness bonus on ranged attacks
Improved Magic: + -> +5 awareness bonus on magic attacks
Improved Melee: + -> +5 awareness bonus on melee attacks
True Sight: -> -10 to Illusion or Invisibility detection DCs
Combat Reflexes: -> Reduces DC for Grenade-like weapons by -10
Eyes in the Back: -> Reduces the 'roll outcome' of Sneak Attacks by -10
( )  Awareness: [] + | Bonus: +
Initiative: 1d500 | Base Attack Bonus: | Perception Bonus:
Melee: (See Milestones) | Ranged: (See Milestones) | Magic: (See Milestones)
True Sight: (See Milestones) | Combat Reflexes: (See Milestones) | Sneak Attack Negation: (See Milestones)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Ranged: +
Improved Magic: +
Improved Melee: +
True Sight:
Combat Reflexes:
Eyes in the Back:
(50, 500 exp) Improved Ranged: +5 (x2)
(100 exp) Improved Magic: +5 (x1)
(150, 450 exp) Improved Melee: +5 (x2)
(200 exp) True Sight: -10 (x1)
(250, 300 exp) Combat Reflexes: -10 (x2)
(350, 400 exp) Eyes in the Back: -10 (x2)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Block: + -> +5 Dexterity bonus when blocking a melee attack
Improved Dodge: + -> +5 Dexterity bonus when dodging an attack
Improved Agility: + -> +5 Dexterity bonus when performing skill checks
Improved Reaction: + -> +5 Dexterity Bonus when performing Flat Foot or Reaction-based dodges
( )  Dexterity: [] + | Bonus: +
Full Dodge: (((dexterity / 10) + (dexterity_temp / 10)) + See Milestones) | Flat-foot Dodge: (((dexterity / 10) + (dexterity_temp / 10)) + See Milestones) | Block Bonus: (See Milestones)
Dodge Bonus: (See Milestones) | Agility Bonus: (See Milestones) | Flat-foot/reaction Bonus: (See Milestones)
Style Points: (dexterity * 5)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Block: +
Improved Dodge: +
Improved Agility: +
Improved Reaction: +
(50, 450 exp) Improved Block: +5 (x2)
(100, 300, 350, 500 exp) Improved Dodge: +5 (x4)
(150, 400 exp) Improved Agility: +5 (x2)
(200, 250 exp) Improved Reaction: +5 (x2)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Physical Damage: + -> +100 damage
Improved Slots: + -> +2 Inventory Slots
Improved Item Effect: + -> +100 damage when using one-use items
Pierce: + -> 50 of character's physical damage ignores armor
Juggernaut: -> -100 damage reduction when bracing an attack
( )  Strength: [] + | Bonus: +
Base Physical Damage: ((strength + strength_temp) * 2) + Milestones | Inventory Size: (strength / 10) + Milestones | Momentum: (See Milestones)
Item Effect: (See Milestones) | Pierce: (See Milestones) | Brace: (See Milestones)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Physical Damage: +
Improved Slots: +
Improved Item Effect: +
Pierce: +
(50, 150 exp) Improved Physical Damage: +100 (x2)
(100, 200 exp) Improved Slots: +2 (x2)
(250, 300 exp) Improved Item Effect: +100 (x2)
(350, 400 exp) Pierce: +50 (x2)
(450, 500 exp) Juggernaut: -100 (x2)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Crafting: + -> +5 Spirit roll bonus when crafting
Improved Magic Damage: + -> +250 magic damage
Improved Magic Defense: + -> +5 Spirit roll bonus when resisting magic
Improved Item Use: + -> Raises DCs to avoid one-use items by +10
( )  Spirit: [] + | Bonus: +
Base Magical Damage: (500 * 2) + 500 | Spell Points: (spirit * 5) + Milestones | MP: (spirit * 10) + Milestones
Magic Defense: (See Milestones) | Item Defense: (See Milestones) | Crafting: (See Milestones)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Crafting: +
Improved Magic Damage: +
Improved Magic Defense: +
Improved Item Use: +
(50, 100, 450, 500 exp) Improved Crafting: +5 (x4)
(150, 200 exp) Improved Magic Damage: +250 (x2)
(250, 300 exp) Improved Magic Defense: +5 (x2)
(350, 400 exp) Improved Item Use: +10 (x2)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Luck: + -> +5 luck roll result
( )  Luck: [] + | Bonus: +
Luck Points: | Critical Damage: (See Milestones) | Luck roll result: (See Milestones)
Draw chance: (See Milestones) | Critical Defense: (See Milestones) | Draw defense: (See Milestones)
Milestone Derivatives:
Improved Luck: +
(50, 100 exp) Improved Luck: +5 (x2)

0: Untrained | 1: Hobbyist | 2: Novice/Beginner | 3: Dedicated Student | 4: Educated/Trained | 5: Professional | 6: Advanced | 7: Specialist | 8: Expert | 9: Adept/Prodigy | 10: Master

Bonuses: Dexterity: +