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DW 6.1 - Planetfall Updates


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Welcome to DW 6.1 - Planetfall! Thanks for paying the $9.99 required for this update; it will be downloading to your system over the next few weeks (on a 20mbps internet connection), but don't forget the $0.99 microtransactions listed below! Do note that any claims that this information could be found in the original 6.0 release are false and forgeries. This data was in no way, shape, or form secretly placed in 6.0 to only be reevaled by payment now.

Seriously, tho: we've made some changes to the game system so it'll be necessary to update your sheets. We're trying to somewhat simplify the system, as well as add new features. Hopefully with these additions your RPing experience will be enhanced.

Without further ado!


New lists have been made for vehicles and their equipment, including weapons, armor, computers, and more! View here!

Skill Merging

In several instances, we are now taking several existing skills and merging them into one.

Updated Skill List: viewtopic.php?f=179&t=3331
Updated Advanced Skills: viewtopic.php?f=179&t=3332

New Skill - Old Skills
Perception - Spot/Listen/Smell/Touch/Taste
Speechcraft - Diplomacy/Intimidation/Bluff
Athletics - Running/Climbing
Acrobatics - Jump/Balance
Sleight of Hand - Sleight of Hand/Lockpicking/Hide
Survival - All Survival: Terrain Skills/Navigation/Rope Skill
Stealth - Move Slowly/Sneak Attack/Hide (NOTE: No longer adds Skill Level to Sneak Attack (action) rolls, but enemies are still considerd "flat-footed")
Perform - All Performances(music, dance, etc)
Artisan: Blacksmithing - Weaponsmithing/Armorsmithing

NOTE: Class Feat bonuses have been changed to reflect these changed skillsets. Be sure to update these as well!

New Classes

A handful of new classes are being introduced in 6.1! They are the following:

Alchemist (Crafting)
Artificer (Crafting)
Athlete (Utility)
Diplomat (Utility)
Inquisitor (Hybrid)
Warlord (Utility)
Witch (Arcanist)

Check under the (parentheses) post under the Class Feats thread to check them out!

New & Improved Luck / Crit Modifiers

The Luck statistic is gettng an overhaul with 6.1 as well! Here is how it now works:

You will receive 1 Luck Point (LP) for every 10 points in Luck. The Enhanced Luck feat will now grant 2 LP per 10 points in Luck. LP are no longer used as rerolls. Instead, LP are now used in the following ways:

LP are used AFTER making a roll. Each LP used will add 10 to your final result. For example, let's say you're attacked and the enemy rolls a 243, and your dodge roll is a 221. 3 LPs will bring you up to 251, allowing you to dodge.

Furthermore, crit modifiers will now be changed as well. Your crit modifier, when landing a critical hit, will be 1d4+x, where x is 0.1 * (Luck/10). For example, a character with 50 luck will have a crit modifier of 1d4+0.5

You can also spend 5 LP to increase your crit modifier of one attack by 1. Using the above example, the 50-luck character can spend their 5 LP to bump up their critted attack to 1d4+1.5

Races and Traits

Races and traits have been added and revamped (again)! Additional information about each race has been posted to aid players in feeling comfortable with/understanding the races better, and they have been rebalanced. Some races have special feats/traits that can be purchased as they grow, while others do not.
Take a look!

Custom Magic / Psionic Damages

After some debate, the damage of a custom magic spell will now be equal to (Custom Level + Damage Mod).

This operates for everything that uses the Magic Damage Formula, such as Breath Weapons.
A custom ability is now
(base damage) * (level of custom ability + custom damage mod)

where Base Damage is (unchanged)
( ( (Spirit Mod) + (Skill Level) ) * Magic Damage Modifier) * Skill Level / 5).

For example, a level 4 custom magic spell with a damage mod of 2 (2*) will be considered a *6 spell. Same for psionics.

Also, note that PSIONIC CUSTOM ABILITIES now have their own, separate MP cost (2/3rds of magic customs) because psionic combat is almost completely reliant on them to function.

New Enchantments

New enchantments have been added to the "Equipment Enchantments" post under Items/Equipment.

Enhancement Items

Temporary stat-enhancing items have been added to shop inventories. Take a look!

Death Status

The 'Death' family of status ailments has been added to the list, helping line out the conditions for different HP-related effects including KO, bleeding out, and death.

Enhanced Final Fantasy Magic

Final fantasy spells now can gain extra properties to gain a little more punch! For details, take a look!
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