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Epstein's Videos


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This is linked to 'Do you wanna play a game' VHS Tapes of Epstien's last truths
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'The Purpose Behind my work'
The TV shows .. a young professor sitting down into an old fashioned chair. You recognize him in his youth.. "There are those who will consider my experiments to be immoral, irrational and dangerous, yet no one will understand what I seek to do.. because no one would believe me if I told them. If I weren't shown the evidence.. I would hardly believe it myself. I will attempt to explain it as best I can, however time is precious and my work must soon begin. "

"My task, as the repeated message in my head tells me, is to craft the virus. The womans spell was somewhat lax in the details however.. and as they say, the devil is in the details. I assume it is because my intelligence is no use if I am a blind mindless husk. She needs me."
"Humanity as it stands.. bears no chance against these opponents. History tells us the sorceress' power descends from that of a god that once reformed our world, Hyne. Her order of knights, it was explained, is already in positions of power in many organizations throughout Gaia, and there are many of her kind. It is a war that one man can not wage, I have no proof of my theories, and I am compelled to complete the geas with which I have been assigned."
"... why she requires the girl, I have no clue."

"I can indeed create a virus... but rather than one to take control of the girl... ... I am to understand that every person on this world possesses a spirit. If my virus could somehow diffuse this spirit into parts, it would make actions like was performed on me much more difficult. Hence.. I seek to create a retrovirus that will render us as a species immune to sorceress magic, and perhaps on an evolutionary track to fight back."

"My theory is simple. A virus is a living organism that can cohabitate with its surroundings... contrary to the common belief, not all viruses are bad. Viruses can work together in clusters to produce a functional body. If we could somehow develop a virus that bound to the soul in such a way.. many magics dependant upon such would cease to work."

"Diffuse the soul, render magics that target it inert. Remove the advantage of the Sorceress for evermore for what they have done to me. Their penance, if you will."

'Research 1'
The tape is short but brief. It shows a Frankenstein like set up with Alfred from upstairs strapped to a table, an electric chair like rig attached to his head and an IV in his arm. "This is your last chance to back out Alfred. Are you certain this is the path you wish to take?" "If I am to die, it shall be in a manner that serves. A gentlemans gentlemen to the death, if you will." A switch is thrown and electricity briefly courses into the mans body.. the heartrate flatlines. Epstein comes into frame a moment later.. "Alfred.. are you still with us?" There is no response for a moment... until a single hand raises to slowly unfasten one of the buckles holding his chest in place. Meandering over to a chalkboard, he slowly writes on the board "I can't seem to talk.. but I am still alive"

'Diffusion Experiment A'
Diffusion Experiment A seems to be a collection of tests on Alfred, more or less testing his new state of undeath. The culmination of their efforts seems to be throwing Alfred off a third story roof. Although initially there is bones broken.. it seems his spirit does a fine job of repairing the damage.

Diffusion Experiment B
Diffusion Experiment B.. starts with a much more.. nervous Epstein. "I have.. discovered a more dark side of the geas. It seems.. I am also entrusted with protecting her secrets. I was starting to work with several of my students on the penance project when my mouth slipped. I find myself growing more compelled to... " he shakes his head "I must maintain some control over myself."

A few moments later, the tape skips. "... I was no longer able to control myself... strong as my will may be.. it is nothing compared to this spell. I was forced to take a life in order to propogate the secrecy surrounding the project. I was able to inject her with the diffusion.. the others should be waking up shortly. I had no choice but to take their lives.. I shall have to live with that. Granting them the ability to remain in the physical world beyond it seems the least I can do."

And again. "... My conscience is eased somewhat in knowing that.. now aware of the situation to an extent.. they wish to help. They do not blame me... the diffusion has worked in 95% of cases.. and they have given me an idea on how to propagate the Diffusion virus such that I can't be geased into undoing my work. I must be careful in the future.. anything I do could easily be undone."

'Research 2'
Research 2 shows a set of work.. almost like a research montage of several young looking scientists and a slightly older Epstein working away. Epstein comes back to talk to the camera for the moment. "It.. would seem we've had somewhat of an epiphany. Diffusion works spectacularly... so much so that it now leaves us wondering what use we have for our regular bodies once bound to the virus. While they may seem quaint.. in a broader scale of things.. they are unnecessary to the whole. The virus can become the body.

"... The only issue.. is that such a virus would require an exceptionally long gestation period.. in the order of several decades, in order to be biologically complex enough to warrant survival on the microbial level without a physical host. If we can achieve this.. the evolutionary track of our species may be to regress to the microbe size.. while maintaining our intellectual and spiritual diversity."

'Creation of Penance'
"I have done it. Our quest to spiritual diffusion has given us what seems.. to be impossible. The virus is no longer merely diffusing the human spirit.. but compressing it to the size of a virus. Same complexity, and I have every reason to believe same consciousness.. but far smaller. As humans.. we are weak.. but as a virus.. we would be as a species collectively unstoppable.

The forces that want to end our species exist on a macro scale... not on a microscopic scale. We can inhabit the empty space our destroyers can not, and in doing so, render Sorceresses and others inert, inept, they are the weak link in the evolutionary chain now."

"As such.. since all of this was wrought by the sins of one womans actions.. this is her Penance. To have doomed herself to irrelevance. In seeking power, in twisting me, she will have none of it."

"Unfortunately.. I fear my methods have been found out. I have instructed those I have helped to appear dead when the authorities arrive. Even if I were to present them as evidence, I have no doubt the Sorceress Knights are in a position to see me damned for my actions. Perhaps I deserve to be.. the chilling part is that this has grown easier as I have gone on. I have even started to see a light to my actions."

"Penance has been sent in shipments that are certain to be randomly distributed. No one is aware of it's existance, which should ensure its gestation will go undisturbed. A wide range RF broadcast will initiate the countdown on a global scale."
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